Hidden Laws of Attraction Master Class Part 2


For a limited Time Only - Secrets of Personal Transformation - Law of Attraction Master Class Part 2

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    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Hey Mich,

      Sorry you are having trouble but the problem has to be on your end. The audio on these recordings is pristine. The only thing I can think of is that you might need up update your codec on your media player. Really sorry you are having trouble.


  1. Dave Deeley
    Dave Deeley says:

    Hi David:

    Love what you were doing but the tape stopped at 37:59 of 107:36. Thoughts? Switched to You Tube and it started again and ran to the end.

    Great Presentation.


    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Hey Dave,

      Glad You Liked It. Not sure why it stopped when it did. I used the same embed code that youtube uses. Glad you got to finish the show though. Share it as much as possible because I have to take it down in a few days.


  2. Michell Landis
    Michell Landis says:

    got audio figured out on head phones but I only get sound from left side too. Great stuff, will watch several times to lock in what you are saying. Thanks.

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