Hypnosis Class: Case Study Two – Removing Phobias With Hypnosis and NLP





True Hypnosis Case Study

PLEASE NOTE: AS With All Hypnosis Case Studies, this email is a bit Long. You Might Want To Print It Out To Read it.


17 months ago I was teaching a Hypnotherapy Certification Here in San Diego, It was called:







Real World Hypnosis:

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and it came time to demonstrate the rapid phobia release technique.  I asked if anyone in the room had fear or  phobia they would like to get rid of.

John's hand shot up.

I looked at him with a sly look on my face, John turned pale...

He knew I was about to hypnotically kick his ass.

You see I'm also a life long martial artist, and My approach to getting people well is very much like combat to me.

It involves strategy, mind-set, and an intimate understanding of the enemy.

In this case a serious case of misdirected thinking and talent.

That's really all a phobia is.

Once you peel back the layers of "psycho-babble' people tend to pile on to it.

John new by the look in my eye, he was about to change.

And part of John wasn't actually sure that:


A: He could Change

B. That He Actually Wanted To Change


One might think, that when you have something like a phobia, or an intense fear, or even a limiting belief.

That there would be a virtual "Stampede" For any Chance to be Free of it.

That's not always the case.


You see, our brains don't like change... Most of the Time.


In fact your brain actually as mechanisms in place designed to stop you from changing unless you know exactly HOW to activate a persons neurology in just the right way.

Our Brains like things to stay the same, It likes what's familiar.

Sometimes we avoid change because there is some secondary benefit that we get from holding on to the problem.

Sometimes we avoid change because We have so "identified" with the the problem that we actually don't know who we will be after the shift and that scares us too.

And that Threat to our Identity makes us avoid or circumvent the change.

John knew his life was about to change as he slowly walked to the front of the room.

He sat in the chair and I asked him what his phobia was, how long he had it and how its affected his life.

Turns Out John Was deathly afraid of needles.

Really afraid.

As I was testing his response by describing how I needle people in my acupuncture clinic...

... you could literally See the color drain from his face

...and he actually seemed to start sweating instantly.


You see all John had to do was imagine a needle and he was on the verge of freaking out.

It all started when he was a kid and had to go to the emergency room,

Which was fine, But...

when the nurse brought out the needle to give him a tetanus shot John got instantly afraid,

John didn't want the shot, He fought and they actually held him down

and gave him the shot, the combination of intense fear and being physically held down combined  with the actual pain of the shot Instantly cemented in a phobic panic response ANY time John Saw, got close to or even thought about a needle.

So you can probably imagine the kind of movies that were playing in John's head as he slowly made his way to the "hypnosis" chair.

Dealing with phobias is one thing,

Doing it with a room full of people watching you go through that transformation is Special Kind of "intimidating"

There are all kinds of doubts, what ifs, and "oh god, I hope this works" kinds of thoughts playing really loud in your head.

But I knew something John didn't, besides the phobia removal technique I mean.

I knew John wasn't broken, he wasn't damaged. He was just using an amazing talent for one time learning and perfect

In the wrong direction.

His dominant thoughts were out of control.

He wasn't thinking, he was only remembering and he was remembering things in a way that kept him stuck.

Phobias are actually very easy to get rid of once you know how the mind really works.

That's why I created the STEALTH:Hidden Laws of Attraction program.


Because without an understanding of how the mind really works, and the ability Think and Remember Things Correctly.

Your natural powers of manifestation simply won't bring you what you want.

Not because you are broken, not because you are not smart Or Unworthy, Or Untalented.

but simply because your mental powers are focused in the wrong directions.

Because your dominant thoughts only play things that keep you stuck.

STEALTH: Hidden Laws of Attraction takes you step by step through the personal discovery and inner transformation process.

If you've Already Own The Course Then You Know That.

Hidden Laws of Attraction Gives You The Tools and Techniques To Systematically:

  • Find, Re-target and Revise how and what you think about certain things so that
  • Fine Tune Your Manifestation Mechanisms To Create "Exactly" What You Want Instead of The Things You Don't Want.
  • And Then Hard Wire Your Nervous System To Rapidly Facilitate The New Programs You've Created

You can learn more about STEALTH:Hidden Laws of Attraction By Clicking Here:

Now, Back To John...

Once John's butt hit the chair,

I slammed him into trance with an Instant Induction,

I had him go back to the very first time he had ever encountered a needle

- had him fast forward to just after that event happened

- and had him run the entire experience backward.

As fast as he could, over and over again.

We did a few other things like playing silly carnival music at the same time.

Over And Over Again,


The vicious movie John had been carrying around inside his head for 3 decades
began to literally disintegrate,

to break apart right before his eyes until he simply couldn't get the feelings back.

And when He knew, it was done, He gave me the signal.

Then Came The Moment of Truth.

Time To Test Our Work...

I looked for a needle.

Only We Didn't Have A Needle.

We looked everywhere.

No Needle.

(sigh) What good is a demo if we can't test the results?

Beware the therapist who doesn't test their work.

Remembering John's early phobic reaction to my description of needling patients,

I picked up the closest "Needle-Like" Object I could find.

I saw a nice pointy pen sitting on the table in Front of me.

I looked John in the eye and held up the pen.

I said, imagine this is the biggest needle you've ever seen.

He looked at the pen aka "The Big-Assed Needle"

I asked him if he could see the needle He said yes.

And As soon as he said yes.

I stabbed him in the arm with it.

John didn't flinch, he didn't twinge

He just looked at me with this

"So What,"

Kind of expression on his face.

I asked to imagine getting a shot.

No reaction,

I asked him to try and remember the scene in the emergency room.

He smiled. Not because the memory was pleasant, but because of what was not there.

The panic, the fear, All the physical and mental phobic symptoms,

Everything Was Simply GONE.

John had learned something powerful, something new that day,

something he could use to transform his life.

John discovered, wasn't broken,

He was simply using his resources in the wrong way.

No one had ever told him there was another way.

So he didn't know "how" to change even though he desperately wanted to.

When you are ready to get your ducks in a row, To Create The Changes You Want In Your Life Starting Right Now.

To start easily manifesting the life you want, the way you want it.

I invite you to check out the amazing, and easy to use  STEALTH: Hidden Laws of Attraction System:
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That's it for today.

Talk Soon,

Your Friend,


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  1. Ted Rieder
    Ted Rieder says:

    would you tell me what or who I need to help my niece? She’s suffering from “Gastroparesis” She is throwing up every time she eats anything. Doctors tell her this in in curable. She is on sick leave from teaching and this is really getting her down. I don’t know how to help her and I need your help to make her able to deal with this problem. I’m seventy-five and I’d really like to help her. What do I need to get her to calm down, lower her stress level and be able to either cure it or learn to live with it. If it works on her could I use it on myself to get rid of claustrophobia? Is there any way you can help me to help her?
    Ted Rieder

  2. andy
    andy says:

    My girlfriend also has gastroparesis. She has a pacemaker of sorts attached to her stomach. There is no cure. All you can do is try to manage the symptoms.

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