Hypnosis Class: Hypnosis Lesson 7 – The Eye Lock and Waking Hypnosis



Hypnosis Comes In Many Varieties. From Overt Direct Suggestion Hypnosis To Covert Conversational Hypnosis.  Today's lesson covers what I consider to be the "Black Belt Level"  Of Hypnosis Technique.

Overt Waking Hypnosis.

Overt meaning there is no attempt to mask or hide the process of exerting influence, and waking because there IS no Obvious Induction. Merely the will, vital force and personality of the hypnotist giving very direct and powerful instructions to the subject and generating compliance.

The Eye Lock Featured Here is the One I learned from Gerry Kein and Features what W. Clement Stone Termed The Powerful Directing Force of the Eyes.

There are other forms of compelling  aka "Hypnotic Gaze such as the " Magnetic Compelling Gaze and the "Soft Eyes or Haukalau as is often taught in some esoteric martial arts and magickal disciplines.

Mastery of this technique and the various hypnotic gazes lets you exert a maximum amount of hypnotic fascination and compelling suggestion any where and any time you want.

That being said it does require that you become comfortable wielding power and exerting obvious influence. A Trait that is often lacking in those who seek out the power of conversational hypnosis.

In our Real World Hypnosis Trainings and Other Live STEALTH Events We Have  a Special process all our attendees go through that literally unlocks their latent hypnotic potentials and natural abilities to exert hypnotic influence. Its a process no other trainer or training has or can do.

Once you've been "unlocked" you are taught how to systematically project influence into anyone you want and create powerful emotionally compelling physiological shifts in your subjects that automatically put them in eyes open waking trance.

I Sincerely Hope You Enjoy This Video.

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  1. David Van Arrick
    David Van Arrick says:

    Hey Barbara,

    Yes, Its a very short lesson. Two demos and some basic explanation should be more than sufficient. No need to pad it out. Let me know if you have any questions.


    • Donna
      Donna says:

      David, I LOVE this video and this technique! Thank you so much for posting it! I have just been asked to work a party and demo Hypnosis, and I am fixating on using this technique.. It is a lot more theatrical than what I normally do with clients in therapy, ( I’ve only been practicing professionally for about a year) but I want to nail it. Do you agree this would be good for a party situation? I am a former theater actor: so I am ready to take on the challenge. I will have a private area to work with people one-on-one, so it won’t be stage hypnosis exactly….more along the lines of a parlor game type thing. Anything additional tips for this technique you’d be willing to share; I would be grateful for!.I love watching your videos. Your knowledge and expertise are real gifts for those of us at the beginning of the journey.
      Much Gratitude!

  2. Emilia van Rensburg
    Emilia van Rensburg says:

    David, I have not seen ANY of the videos or mp3 you have to view, can’t access it. I am very upset. Please make it accessible if you so promote.


    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Hi Emilia Not sure why you are having a problem. Most of the videos should be available on our blog. You may need to log in to the site in order to access some of them though. You can also check out our youtube channel just type in David Snyder on the youtube search browser and you should be able to access a ton of great video work.

      Let me know how you are doing.
      Talk soon.


  3. G.Ray Glenn Sr.
    G.Ray Glenn Sr. says:

    David: Steve, what did you get out of this?

    Steve: I got some NLP to amplify the good stuff.

    David: Very cool huh?

    Steve: As I was starting to say “No pains” so ?????

    David: I know. How good do you feel?

    Steve: I feel very good.

    David: Do you want to feel better?

    Steve: Sure.

    David: How sure?

    Steve: Positive.

    David: Hold that thought.

    {David to a different student}

    We started with you, right?

    Student: Yes.

    David: {moves his chair and signals the student to come up to the front}

    {David positions his student the way he wants him and points to his own eye and says} {This is one way to begin to get compliance.}


    “Look me right here in the eye.
    Wrap your mind around everything that I’m about to say to you.
    Accept what I’m about to say.
    In a moment, not yet, but in just a moment I’m going to stroke your cheek three (3) times.
    When I stroke your cheek the first time you will feel an amazing rush of pleasure.
    The second time I stroke your cheek it will double and you’ll find the pleasure to be almost orgasmic.
    The third time you’re going to be riding the very crest of an amazing sensation through your eyes.

    Just like that. {stroking his cheeks and face}
    Noticing the feeling. That’s right. Doubling and tripling. Oooo there it is. Oh my god.
    {pinching and twisting his cheeks}
    It is so good. So amazing. That’s awesome.
    Notice how good you feel.”

    Student: Yes ….. wow

    David: How good are you feeling?

    Student: I’m feeling damned good.

    David: That’s called “sensation transformation.”
    {David twist his cheek again and the student chuckles.}

    {David snaps his fingers in front of the students face and says}
    Come out of it.

    Student in class: he doesn’t want to.

    David: It feels too good. … Here I’ll do it.

    {David lightly slaps the students face and twist his cheek and the guy just stands there smiling.}

    He’s just locked in. {to the state}

    OK. What am I really doing?

    {He is pinching and twisting the cheek. Something that would normally cause pain but in this state the nervous system is interpreting it as pleasure.}

    In a moment I am going to count from one to three (1 – 3)

    When I reach the number three, … The sensations are going to subside, but the cool thing is everytime I touch my nose, … it just going to come flooding back.
    You’ll be able to tell the difference.

    And now, …{twist cheek} not so much.

    {Several students in class are making observations.}
    {Class laughs}

    {David gets his attention and touches his nose. You can see the student perk up.}

    David: Now you do it. Touch your nose.

    {Student does and feels better.} {Class laughs}

    David: Good. Give him a round of applause.

    Student: ???? {I couldn’t make it out}

    David: It all depends on the concept, the environment, and the community that you’re in.

    Now. The two techniques that we’re going to be working with next are aspects of…. are elements of what we call “Waking Hypnosis.” Ok?

    The technique that I just demonstrated is called an “EYELOCK.”

    It’s very easy. Come here John.

    We won’t do it per se. We’ll just act it out so you guys can get an idea.

    So when you…. This one in order to make it effective, a couple of things you’ve got to understand.

    A.) You’ve got to be able to hold their gaze… steady. What will happen is …
    {gets right in John’s sight and points to his own eye.}

    “Look here.”

    And focus on one or both of their eyes, Ok. And you hold the gaze.

    What you are going to notice is that there is going to be a little bit of tension that builds up in both you and the subject. And at some point, you’ll see them go…aaahhh … {like a big sigh of relief}

    “Focus your mind here. Wrap you mind around everything I am about to tell you. That’s good. Now in a moment, not yet, but in just a moment, I am going to stroke your cheek three times. Each time I stroke your cheek, you’ll notice a wonderful feeling and sensation.

    You’re going to notice that wonderful feeling of pleasure building inside your mind.

    And you’re going to want more and more and more. That’s right. Noticing how good you feel.
    Notice how wonderful those feeling are building stronger and stronger. That’s great. ”

    Cool huh?

    John: Definitely.

    David: Now Come out of it.
    Look around the room.
    Just to give you an example.

    {grabs John’s cheek and twists it again.}

    Listen! You MUST do the second one. {the second face twist}


    Because depending on their level of absorption,…. especially if they’ve seen this done before,…. they’ll be having expectations.


    You’ve given them the pleasure. And you slowly transition from the pleasure stimulation to something that might, under different circumstances, cause discomfort.

    “Notice how the feeling continues to grow stronger.”

    Bring them out of trance and do the {exact} SAME stimulation.
    So they can calibrate the difference.

    See if you don’t… if you just do the pleasure. And you just bring them out of it. They may feel something? {but they wont be sure.}

    And they may think that just because they felt “something” that nothing happened.

    But the minute that you put them into state, and you give them pleasure or better. And they feel something.

    You bring them out of state and do the exact same thing they’ll have a different experience of the sensation.

    That cements it in. “Oh shit something really did happen.” {what they think}

    Right? It comes out by accident.

    {I learned this} At the last hypnotic training … Cause I do the eyelock a lot. Ok. And we had one guy that… he saw me do it. I brought him up to do it. And I tweaked him. Right?

    And he walked away and he said, “I think I felt something?”

    And I heard him say this. So I said, “Come here.”

    I said, “You’re out of trance now, right?”

    He said, “yes.”

    And I went {twisted his cheek} and he went…. “AAAOOOO!!!”
    “Something DID happen.”

    Right? Thank you {to John, take your seat}
    {grabs John back before he can walk away.}

    Oh real quick….
    So you hold the eyes. And one of the things that Jerry teaches. I got this from Jerry Klein. I don’t see anybody else doing this technique.

    {Note: Gerald F. Klein http://www.omnihypnosis.org }

    David: It’s a really cool technique. It’s a demonstration of pure hypnotic power. It’s actually very easy once you understand a few basic parameters.

    A.) Be absorbed.
    B.) Be certain.

    OK? … Look here. {points to his own eye.}
    Hold their gaze. And Like I said, there will be a mounting of tension and then there will be a kind of surrender.

    When you feel that shift. You may not see it, but you’ll probably feel it. Then you start to go into the deeper things. You can continue to talk as you hold their eyes.

    But you can’t blink! No blinking. No blinkie. OK?

    The more you blink the more they have a chance to use the critical factor to analyze what happening.

    You will blink but like Jerry used to teach it was you have to practice holding your eyes open for like sixty minutes… er… sixty seconds. {John laughs about having to hold his eyes open, not blinking for an hour.}
    {David laughs too.}

    Fine! Be that way.

    Well the whole idea is to just hold it.
    “Wrap your mind around this.” … and you just watch their eyes. I use both of my eyes and look into just one of theirs.

    Ok? And you just play with it. And you just tell them what you want. I always start with… some people start with ….

    Jerry likes to start with, “John, I’m going to stroke your cheek three times, and you’re going to feel this wonderful coolness moving into your cheeks.”

    Ok? They may or may not want to feel coolness. But I’ve had very few people want to turn down pleasure.


    John: Right!

    David: The more they bring out,… the more pleasure they get they’ll want more, right?

    At some point data theory takes over and all they can feel is pleasure, no matter what stimulation that you’re giving them.


    Keep the eyes locked.
    And keep talking.
    Test it.
    Amplify the fun. Do some good tweaks. Don’t cause any abrasions or cuts or lacerations. Don’t get excited. Don’t get crazy.
    Bring them out of it.
    Touch your nose. {Trigger the effect}
    And then give them the same level and let them calibrate it.

    OK? So some of you guys have done this before so it should be easy peasy.


    End of video

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