The Gift Part 2

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6 replies
  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hi David
    I like your interesting vids and demonstrations. They give a very good insight of hypnosis and much better understanding.
    I like your methods working non directed and without specific information from client.

    I can understand you very well speaking to the group, but have a very hard time understanding you talking to your “subjects”
    It would help to have transcript parts what are hard to understand as you do it on your products.
    Your vids really motivate to learn more about

    Thanks Daniel

  2. GRay Glenn
    GRay Glenn says:

    Poor audio, I did the best I could…. Anyplace you see ???? Means I could not make out what was said.
    Complete Transcript of this Video

    Alright…so … “the gift” ….is really cool.
    The silo is still the same though.
    We’re assuming that you’ve got your client to write down exactly and you’ve hooked your client

    You’ve done your
    Preframe => thesis suggestion => induce trance => general negativity removal

    At this point you can go “specific negativity” or you can go into some more “comprehensive intervention” if it is a deeper issues. Which is what usually happens for me.

    Sometimes I end up going into some form of “regression” or “affect bridge.”

    Now I’m going to introduce you to the process of “affect bridging,” but I going to do it in a very cool way.

    [transcriber’s note: An “affect bridge” is an emotionally induced induction.]

    Aahhh … who do I want….
    You, …. up, …. come here.

    This is called “The Gift”
    Have a seat. You want to do this?

    Student: well you made him feel good, how about that.

    David: Do you want to feel better?

    Student: Sure!

    David: Now how would you like to go into trance today?

    Student: sure, ok.

    David: No, … Not WOULD you like to go into trance today. …but HOW,

    Student: How would I like to go into trance today?

    {Instant Shock induction}

    David: SLEEP! All the way down, deeper and deeper, with every breath you take, with every beat of your heart, even the coolness of my hand causes you to go even deeper and deeper …and deeper … and deeper … with every breath you take, with every beat of your heart, you’re simply getting better and better…. More relaxed, deeper into trance than you have ever gone before.

    Now in a moment, not yet but in just a moment I’m going to raise your head up, just like this, … not only will it not disturb you but it will allow you to go even deeper.

    And as I continue to rock your body, rock your mind.
    [picks up left wrist and shakes it to see if its loose]
    That’s right, nice and relaxed, Loose and limp. Deep asleep. …

    Now in a moment, not yet but in just a moment I’m going to ask you to open and close your eyes

    And each and everytime that you close your eyes I want you to double and even triple this growing level of physical relaxation that you have.

    You want it to happen, … you expect it to happen. … Enjoy the process. …

    Open your eyes …. Close your eyes … DEEP Sleep.

    Open your eyes …. Close your eyes…. And DEEP Sleep

    Open your eyes …. DEEP SLEEP ….

    [right here it was very difficult to make out what is said, the audio quality is very low and there is a background conversation going on.]

    All the way down, deeper and deeper. With every breath you take and every beat of your heart, and as you go deeper, I want you to use that amazing imagination of yours and do something very cool for me, …

    [notice how David is rocking the client gently, and continuously]

    I want you to go back to your childhood and remember the most joyous event of your childhood. Maybe its your favorite birthday party, and as you fly back on the wings of time,

    Find the happiest, most enjoyable birthday party, or any other event, that has the happiest moment of your life… from when you were a child.

    One … feel yourself moving back in time.
    Two … like that energy of happiness is drawing you back, back to the first scene, situation, or event, that makes you feel so good. Makes you feel so happy, makes you feel …

    Three …
    Four … and on our next count you’ll be there.
    Five … there you are …

    David: Are you inside or outside? First impression.
    Student: outside
    David: Alone or with people?
    Student: alone
    David: Is it day time or night time?
    Student: Day

    Give me a quote,… Are you happy? … are you good? … How old are you? First impression … you’re 13, yes …. So what’s going on that you’re so happy about?

    Student: I’m moto-crossing

    David: Yeah! You’re moto-crossing, Now motocrossing … is that motorized or just with pedals?

    Student: with motors

    David: Yeah, that’s fun isn’t it. Is this the first time you’ve ever been this happy?

    Student: yeah

    David: Yeah … Good … Now I want to show you something that’s really cool. In a moment, not just yet but in just a moment I’m going to count from one to five,

    [notice David’s snapping fingers, & rocking the client]

    and when I count from one to five … That wonderful, … cool,… happy, … feeling, will be twice as strong. Twice as intense, … twice as wonderful, ….

    ONE … Feel all that energy… building up and growing stronger and stronger and stronger
    TWO … All my suggestions, … all that pleasure, … all that enjoyment, … is getting stronger and stronger… that’s right.

    Three … Getting stronger and stronger and stronger

    Four …

    Five …Stronger than its ever been. Getting ten times stronger with every breathe you take and every beat of your heart.

    Now because you’ve gone back in a moment in time this to this special place you automatically can come back here at any time or any place you choose.

    Now as I count from five down to one …You’re going to move forward in time and back to the present time. Back to the moment ….

    [This part of the video clip began with an induction and then seemed to end at 5:12
    and the video appeared to continue on. With the same student, simply a few seconds later. ]

    Follow my instructions —- a small task


    Still here and deep in trance. Ready to do something really cool?

    Now! … in a moment, not yet, but in just a moment, I’m going to ask you to go back there once again.
    Only this time I want you to find that Tom and talk to him, as the you of today, — the Tom with the years of experience, … with years of understanding, … years of wisdom that a 13 year old has yet to get to. And you know what?

    You’re going to learn him. You’re going to give him a very very special gift.

    And I want you to fly back when I count from one to five, and right before that event, maybe 5 minutes, maybe ten minutes, …. but right before you actually got on the bike, and started running around, and I want you to do something really really cool,


    All the way back, … there you are, …. you’re back there, Can you see you over there by the motorbike? Yeah … Get his attention, call him over, say “Hey dude, how are you doing?”

    You can take that one if you want.

    See I’m you from the future. And I know that sounds weird.

    Student: Can I call him son?

    David: Yeah, call him son, that’s cool. Hey son, how are you doing?

    Student: I’m alright, and you?

    David: Hey man , I want to say I’m you from the future and I have something like a gift, … for you, … a very special gift, … Go ahead.

    Student: I’m you from the future?

    David: you can believe you.

    Student: I’m here from the future and I’ve got a gift.

    David: And here it is … and what I want you to do right now is,… I want you to give him …. All of the information, all of the things he needs to know … at this point in his life, … that makes everything that comes after it so many times better, … give him the wisdom, … the insight, … the foresight, that fore knowledge, … everything that is going to build him up, … that’s going to give him all the things he should have gotten, before now and make it even better. Give it naturally, I want you to give it to him, I want you to take him in your arms… and look him in the eyes, and tell him everything he needs to know. … and make him believe you.

    [7:45] [Pause here while the student has this self conversation, be patient]

    Student: I think he’s crying

    David: Tell him there’s a lot more where that came from. … Look him in the eyes, … and say, “Bob …. son, through out your life there’s going to be challenges, there’s going to be times in your life that will be more challenging than others, …. But no matter where you go … no matter what you do, … I’m always with you.”

    You’re always loved, … and you’re never alone, … and make you believe it.

    Student: How do I know?

    David: because there is a never ending supply deep inside you, take him in your arms and as you do that, … feel the love … pouring out of you and into him, … in a never ending, inexhaustible supply, … as you take him in your arms, … feel him slowly shrink down, and feel him go right inside your heart, … where he is surrounded by all the love that he could ever want, .. and need….

    All the care, … all the families , … all the comfort, … at the deepest levels, and as he realizes, that no matter where he goes, no matter what he does, … no matter what happens …. he is there. … he is always in your heart.

    And he is never alone …and remember whenever he has a question, and whenever there is something that he doesn’t understand, … whenever anything comes up that he is uncertain of, … you’ll be there to guide him… You’ll be there to give him the information he needs, …

    That’s right

    When you know you’ve got it … when YOU know it’s true… when HE knows it’s true… take him in your arms and clamp down… and feel the truth of it ripple from the past and into the future …

    see how every event of his life changes, …. as you move forward through time, at your own rate and speed, seeing everything change, seeing everything shift, at the right rate and the right speed … so that you know you’ve got it… so that you know it’s you going into the future,

    See it shoot off into the future, … see how the direction of your life changes, because of this wonderful, Simple, powerful gift …
    [low audio, I was unable to make out parts of this section]

    Feel the change …feel the shift … When you know it works…. When it feels right and natural for you… when you know you’ve got it. … take it onto yourself to come on back…. let your eyes open only at the rate and speed that you know… it’s time.

    [be patient here while the client absorbs what has happened, and is happening, and they will emerge when they are done]

    Welcome back….. Give him a big round of applause!


    [Subject has had a profound emotional experience and has a few tears. This is normal. This is a good sign. Have tissues handy.]

    That was the gift.

    Student: There’s just a little embarrassment.

    David: There is no embarrassment there at all…. Because they’re all going to be doing this. This is what happens when you give somebody the love that they need during a ??????

    ??? That’s my idea of having fun. Giving somebody a whole new life.

    Go play

    Student from floor: and you keep the ????

    David: No… he did [the student who had been in trance]
    There are two types of regression, there is DIRECTED and NON DIRECTED.

    In a directed regression, we tell them exactly where to go, and exactly what’s happening.

    In a non-directed regression… not a thing. [12:26]

    If I tell him in a moment, not just yet, but in a moment, at whatever hypnotic process you’re in, you will find yourself at your 5th birthday party ….
    You are 5 years old,
    what’s going on?,
    are you inside? or outside?,
    alone or with people?,
    daytime or nighttime?

    Those questions associate the person into the experience.

    Oh and by the way, when he went back to being 13 years old, did you notice how his voice changed?

    Student from floor: he gave a different name

    David: A different name, …and a whole new way of sitting, [body language]
    He was a 13 year old kid.

    That’s called association, that’s called regression. Okay.

    Student from floor: So his mind picked it?

    David: His conscious mind picked it. Okay, that’s a non-directed. When you’re doing the kind of work I do, that’s the majority of what I get.

    But you will get clients who say, “I know exactly when it started and I was five years old. … Horseshit.

    And there is an uncovering process that we use, once we get there, but I want you
    To get used to the concept of leapfrogging back through time following emotion.

    If that makes any kind of sense…. It’s called an “affect bridge” … OK.

    [An “affect bridge” is an emotionally induced induction.]

    Student from floor: Is it difficult to go back in time and he is not happy, but he is sad, like he is broke somebody, what do you do then? When he say, I am not good enough… then what you do is …

    David: then what I would do is the reverse of what I did. Because I amplified the good feeling.

    I amplified the good feeling by making it feel even better. Alright, If it were a negative feeling I was trying to resolve, I would delete the emotional issue…. Not amplify it. OK.

    Student from floor: To make it more happy because it is better?

    David: So are we even more happy when someone gives us a gift? Are we more likely to accept it? Exactly ….. You see I don’t know exactly what he wants and needs…. What he should have been told when he was that young … but he does!!! He knows exactly the right words to use, … he knows exactly what those words mean, …everything.

    And the technique I used that’s called the “informed parent.” … or the “informed child” depending upon your perception. OK.

    You go back… you find the child, you find the experience, and you find the emotion,
    We manage the emotion by either deleting it or amplifying it…

    We bring them back to the present … we send them back as the adult of today, … complete with all their knowledge, … all their experience, … all their wisdom, … all their understanding…

    Because that child back there doesn’t have that, …

    He only has the understanding, the knowledge, the emotional maturity and the perceptions of a 13 year old boy …. Got it?

    When we go back as the us of today, … complete with our life experience, … complete with what we know, … we can tell the boy what he needs to know…. We can tell the woman what she needs to know … and make everything ok….

    Go ahead and tell him what …. I don’t get ultra specific…. Everything that they need to know, to be ok.

    To be right,…. to be ready, ….. to be X, Y, Z. …. Cause I don’t know what that is ….
    OK but they do.

    Student from floor: So you always do this with past life regression?

    David: Well I could do this with past life regression, but past life generally speaking, would be more directed.

    You’re going to go back to your 5th life … five lifetimes ago …. When you were X , … OK. … I don’t do that.

    I can … I have …. I usually try to stay in this lifetime whenever possible … but I have regressed people back to 3 months after conception… you would be amazed what a developing fetus can over hear and experience.

    Especially when moms in prison, … and she doesn’t know she’s pregnant. …OK … I get all the really interesting cases… (weird shit) …

    Student from floor: [I couldn’t make out what was said]

    David: Yes … when he is at fully associated, he is there. … [turns to previous hypnotic subject] You were there … right? Yes …No?

    Student: Yeah, the only thing that I imagined, … from an email, … wasn’t that it wasn’t real, real, real, real, but it’s like now that experience was to my advantage, and it’s for the better, … but the elements changed the scene … at that very moment … For me that it makes the future better, …. He shouldn’t have picked me… [laughing]

    David: …????… “so say we all.” …. And you’re processing it…. And you will …

    This begins a change process that the body must complete. …Ok … so when you do these types of processes, …any kind of regression, … where you are doing emotional release work. You have to tell them up front, you are going to need time to process this, … now I don’t know how much, and I don’t know how little, but give yourself time for you.

    What ever feelings come up. If you want to cry, ….cry. If you want to scream, …. scream. Whatever it is, … it is OKAY.

    You’ve got to make it ok. You’ve got to tell them it’s going to happen. You’ve got to be kind to yourself. You know, like Jerry Seinfeld used to tell the “Story of Jane” where this woman had a massive issue with reaction formation. Where she was sexually molested and abused, … as a child she became the slut on high heels. OK, so she tried to pretty much work first at every therapist she ever had. She tried to seduce them on the first visit. …except for Jerry.

    That we know of …. But he basically kicked her out…. He said, “Go across the street, and buy some new clothes and come back to me when you are ready to change.”

    She came back with the new suit on, and she broke out into tears, and they did the session …found all this nasty shit that she had went through, … resolved it … she checked into a hotel room that night and slept for 18 hours.

    Student from floor: Why a hotel?

    David: Important question…. Because a woman’s life was completely changed. People are the way they are because of the stuff because they refuse … they haven’t been able to process it. That they have been in denial of… or whatever.

    {David to the student who received the gift}
    Do you have anything you want to add? Are there any other questions from this side?

    Student: Do “I” have any questions?

    David: Do you have anything else that you want to say?

    Student: No, that was uh,… it keeps getting better.

    David: It’s a map. Now the process is really very very simple.
    You have them… You can use any induction you like.
    General negativity … you can actually do this …. I didn’t actually do general negativity… or any of that stuff. I just did what we call the “affect bridge.” Which is… there is a feeling … a time in your life when you felt tremendously good, including your body.

    I amplify the feeling, … until it was really really intense … now depending on the issues and where you feel it … you may see some really really strong expressions… that’s OK.

    Now in five we’re going to go back to the very first …. If its non-directed then they will go to the very first scene or situation that is at the root of this issue. This good feeling or whatever it is. This event. You get there…. And you amplify it.

    You find out … first impressions …. Always,… you gotta tell them ahead of time….”all I want is your first impressions”

    Inside or outside?…. Very simple question.
    Daytime or nighttime?
    Alone or with somebody?

    Give me a report and tell me what’s happening… That’s your job as a regressionist. You find out who the players are, What’s going on, and what needs to be fixed. OK.
    Now what needs to be fixed? They’ll take any ???? delight or direction. OK. Once you amplify the feelings ???? cause this is a gift… this is happy stuff.

    It is the same exact process for negative stuff except that we delete the emotional charge instead of amplifying it. Ok. We’ll add more nuggets to this or more branches to this tree, adding more bells and whistles to this process as we go. The whole point is…
    • to bring them back to a happy time,
    • amplify those feelings…
    • bring them back to the present,
    • then send them back again as the adult of today, complete with all this knowledge, … all this experience, … all this wisdom …
    • you have them dialog, you say to the younger version, “I have a very special gift.”
    • give him everything he needs to be okay. To make your life better, so they understand what’s going to happen in a way you know its changed.
    • Get love and acceptance
    • Get that self love going

    Ok, that’s huge. And notice how all that…. Now that child is armed with that information , that wisdom, that knowledge, that understanding, …. How every event in his life, … that perception of those events changes … watch it.

    Now ratify it. …
    “When YOU know you’ve got it”
    “When YOU know it’s true”
    “Begin to move forward … only at the rate of speed that’s right for you …
    And when you’re ready….
    Come on back.”

    Ready to do this?

    Student: Easy!

    David: Easy…. Go Play.

    Oh and one more thing… Every now and then… and I’m not saying it probably wont ever happen to someone in this room, but every now and then … the unconscious mind says, “Let’s just fix something. I don’t want to make you feel better. I want to fix something. ”

    In that case you’re going to have an abreaction. If an abreaction should come up, that fastest way to delete the charge is to say
    “scene fades and tend to the agreement”
    Just keep repeating that in a gentle, calm, voice, until their breathing settles out.
    And their emotional neurological arousal balances.

    Ok …. Go.
    Did you notice that when I started the regression that I was talking a lot about happy birthdays … and things like that … and then I suddenly shifted … because many times … Birthdays aren’t that happy.

    Student [who had been hypnotized]: I couldn’t get one. I didn’t have one.

    David: I had to shift… it’s something about, something in me said you got to shift it.
    If I had insisted on going back ….


  3. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    David, very clever…Asking the client/student…how do you want to go into hypnosis? That statement caught the guy off guard and you were able to drop him fast. He didn’t have time to give it thought.

    I did have issues hearing …a lot of background voices and you’re voice didn’t come through well.

    I think the “Gift” is something any client could use…to brighten their future.

    Thanks for sharing! Theresa

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