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  1. GRay Glenn
    GRay Glenn says:

    Hi David … here is the transcript of this video demonstration for the Grey Room.
    Grey Room Induction Demo


    Close your eyes. Put your hands in your lap and your feet flat on the floor.

    Take a long breath in …and let that breath out with a sigh.

    Deeper and deeper with every breath you take … with every beat of your heart ….

    I just want you to give yourself permission, .. to allow yourself to go on a short but amazingly powerful journey with me.


    As you focus all of your attention on the lids of your eyes … and you relax those tiny muscles …in your eyelids,…. relax them to the point that they’re so relaxed that you couldn’t actually open them … without putting tension back into them.


    Relax them that deeply…. or even more… and when you know that you’ve got them that relaxed …just test them …real quick to be sure that they won’t work.

    Perfect,… now stop testing…. When you’re sure…Let that level of relaxation flow from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes.

    Deeper and deeper with every breath you take and every beat of your heart, ….I just want you to let go. To relax as I guide you inside…. Deep inside your mind, body, and spirit. Is a place of absolute power. A place of absolute change, a place where you store things that are useful. And sometimes things that were useful at one time, but not so useful anymore.

    I want you to imagine if you would, a portal of some kind…now for some of you it might be a glowing archway, cause I’m kind of meta-physical that way… for some of you it might be an elevator door…for some of you it might be a cellar door. Maybe it’s a big oaken door with heavy knockers. Whatever it is for you, I want you to notice that place inside.

    I want you to reach out with your physical hand and cause that portal to open in the way that’s right and natural for you. And as you enter that place inside I want you to walk inside that room I want you to notice what you see. Inside you see an interesting room. … Dome shaped, ….with pearly grey walls.

    At the center of this room is this beautiful glowing fireplace ….and it radiates a warmth…. An energy … that just causes you to feel ….ahhhhh…. Freedom.

    The flame of freedom inside. …. And on the walls, as you look around, you may notice that there are certain pieces of paper…or it could be something else. I know one person who went to their grey room…. they found that those things on the walls were tiles …. that he had to break them and smash, and he broke them and he smashed them and he felt liberated, as all that weight was lifted from his body and from his mind.

    Whatever it is for you, … if its pieces of paper, great! …If its tiles, that’s OK too. You know the process. Now one set of tiles or papers, whatever, .. are one color and it represents all the “positive” experiences in your life. While another color represents all the “less-than-positive” experiences in your life.

    All the things that you’ve been holding onto,… that no longer serve you, …that you are ready to let go of. That you are willing to let go of.

    And as if by some secret cue, one of those pieces of paper calls your attention. And you walk over to it….and I want you to reach out and touch that piece of paper, or that tile, or whatever it is,… I want you to notice that as you touch it that there is a feeling in your body that comes up when you touch it, … notice where you feel it.

    [strong voice] I want you to take that thing off the wall, ..[stronger voice] and I want you to smash it, or crumple it up,…. [very soft voice] and make it less than what it was.

    And notice that as you begin to manipulate that image in your mind and body, …. notice how it begins to change the feeling.

    And when you’re finally ready to get rid of it…walk over to the fireplace,… crumple it up and throw it in the fire. … feel that negative energy burn up, …turn to smoke, feel your body shift in whatever way is right and natural for you.

    Give yourself permission to just let it go. Noticing how good you feel.

    And when you feel that one is all burned up. When you feel the negative energy is all released to whatever degree that you’re willing to let yourself do that… WOW … walk over to the next piece… take it off the wall … notice where in your body you feel it.

    Begin to crumple it up, crack it up, make it smaller… change it…. Notice how it changes the feeling … and when you’re ready… walk over to the firepit and chuck it in. Feel all that negative energy burn up. See it turn to smoke. See the smoke dissipate. … I’m going to suggest that the more you get the body involved, the more amazing this experience is going to be for you.

    [small voice] But that’s ok…give yourself permission. Now I want you to systematically go around the room and take those pieces of paper of things that no longer serve you … walk over to the firepit, crumple them up and toss them in the fire….feel the change.

    Be specific, find every piece that color, …that doesn’t serve you anymore, … be thorough … you don’t have to know what they are … you don’t have to care… all you need to know is that they are that color ….and its time for them …. to .. go …

    And when you know you’ve got it … when you know that the room is completely cleansed …for all the right reasons .. and you know what they are …..just silently nod your head ….and we’ll move on with the next part of our process.

    Perfect. ….. Keep going … I’ll wait for every body to nod … some of you have more stuff than others, …that’s ok … I’m teaching you something that’s yours forever … that you can use whenever you want… to feel whenever you want.

    And now as you clean off all the last remaining pieces, … notice how those glowing those pieces that remain, … [stronger voice] those positive experiences, … empowering experiences, … everything that makes you feel good about who you are, …about where you’re going …. And who you’re destined to become.

    [stronger voice] Those energies begin to glow stronger and stronger and there is a warmth and energy that vibrates from those pieces of paper or from those tiles, .. or whatever it is, …. and they begin to expand and they begin to merge into one another …. becoming like a sheet of wallpaper coating the inside of this room. Filling you with their radiance… energizing you from the inside out.

    Having that energy percolate upward and outward in every cell and every atom of your body. …. Changing anything and everything that’s willing and ready to be changed. … for all the right reasons… and with every breath you take and every beat of your heart this inexhaustible, endless, limitless, source of energy is there …. To move you forward in life towards the things you want.

    Both consciously and unconsciously … so that tonight while you sleep … and while you dream … this process will continue at even deeper levels … your mind body and spirit will systematically find every thing that’s less than positive… everything that’s been holding you back … and it will take it off the wall.

    Changing … it in such a way that it is easily removed from the body. Removed from the mind, removed from the spirit. …. And in its place all of this energy just doubled, tripled, and grows stronger and stronger… with every breath and every beat of your heart.

    Unstoppable in every way…and it only gets better …

    [soft voice]
    Now, in a moment, not yet, but in just a moment, I’m going to count up from one to five, … when I reach the number five, you will emerge from this state bringing all of these wonderful feelings with you… seeing the world through new eyes, from a new perspective, from a new place …free… of all that stuff … and seeing the world through the eyes of possibility….

    Through the eyes of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm, …and whatever other any feelings and traits, and resources and drives that you want and need to accomplish what you want … they’re a go light too, … feel them welling up inside…notice where they begin … notice where they go …

    Notice that there is a color associated with those traits, and desires, and attributes … and now as I count up from one to five…those feelings, energies and attributes will simply begin …to grow stronger and stronger …and when I reach the number 5 they will reach an unstoppable ever increasing level in a way that’s right and natural for you…

    Combining with the work you’ve done… and super charging you to move forward for all the right reasons

    Number one … feel yourself returning to this place we call reality. Bringing with you a brand new reality… A reality where you’ve learned how to get rid of stuff that you no longer need … stuff you knew about consciously … stuff , maybe you didn’t know about consciously… …you learned about how to find the resources inside…that you want… that you need to move you forward in life.

    That inspire you to take powerful insightful action. … and amplify them. You’ve learned how to take any one sensation, feeling, or experience and transmute it into it’s opposite.
    By choice. And tonight’s not even over yet. Imagine what you’ll know in the next twenty minutes to half an hour…. Because it only gets better ….

    Number two…all of my suggestions from me to you, from you to your unconscious mind are ten times more powerful than ever before. Ten time more permanent. Ten times more unstoppable. With every breath you take, with every beat of your heart ladies and gentlemen, they only get better.

    Number three … Ladies and gentlemen there is always at least three ways to solve any problem. Always at least three solutions to any situation or circumstance that you have to solve … and your unconscious mind … your amazing creative faculty …. your problem solving centers … will instantly come fully online to generate those three solutions in the fastest, …easiest, ….most powerful way … for you …. and the good of all concerned.

    Number four…. Because its all for you … you put in the time … you made the investment … you came out here tonight … you’ve done the work … you’ve paid the price of admission … and the price of ownership…. And it’s true for you now … on the next count you can emerge from this state only at the rate and speed only at the rate that you know it’s true … that you know you’ve got it … Seeing the world from a new perspective … that only gets better

    Number five … take your time and come on back

    End of video

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