Secret Codes of Human Attraction – Flirting for Fun and Profit!

Lets face it...

We All want to Feel More Attractive, Loveable and Worthy.

To Do That We Need To Master The All Important skills of Attraction Including: Nothing does that for us faster than when we are flirting or being flirted with. Even the flirting never really goes anywhere, most people usually feel pretty good when someone does a really good job of flirting with you. Now you'll discover exactly how to use this magical ability to make every aspect of your social and professional life More Fun, Easier, Way More Successful Than Ever Before. In this fun and exciting introduction to the art and science of Advanced Social Dynamics. You'll Not Only Meet Really Cool People and have a great time...

  • You'll also discover how to rapidly approach any one without fear of rejection.
  • How to easily and naturally start conversation and keep it going.
  • Keep the person you are talking to excited and hooked on talking to you.
  • Make them find you Fascinating and Attractive
  • and... even Potentially Make Them Fall In Love With You.

This fun filled and informative play shop on The Secret Codes of Human Attraction can easily be used anywhere, Socially, Professionally, or Romantically to rapidly cause people to find you charming attractive and utterly irresistible.

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Many of the attendees for this event in the past have immediately gone out and met Mr. or Mrs. Right the very same week the learned it. Now you can do it to.

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After You Attend This Unlimited Lover Special Online Event, You'll rapidly discover that people just love talking to you far more than ever before.


  • They'll think you are the most interesting person they have met in a long time. And...
  • They'll not only like you, they'll trust you and want to do business with you and much much more.
  • You'll also learn how to become more approachable.
  • How to sort the good catches from the bad ones in as little as 15 minutes and make the Good Ones "Want To Catch You"
  • How to get yourself out of difficult social or romantic situations that used to make you hesitate about meeting or approaching someone. With poise, confidence and grace.
  • How to know with almost 100% Certainty How attracted to you someone really is, and what to do about so that you hook that man or woman of your dreams right then and there.

You'll Also discover the power of positive eye contact,

  • What It Is
  • How to use it for maximum attractiveness in minimum time.

And that's really just the beginning.

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Your Loyal Friend and Mentor David V.

15 replies
  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    Hi David,
    I find eye contact challenging and sometimes feel uneasy making direct eye contact with people especially if it is with an attractive woman or a superior at work. Do you have any tips on how I can improve this? I’m not very confident but sometimes I can fake it. Prolonged eye contact is still a challenge for me though.

  2. Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez says:

    My Dear Friend and Hopefully Mentor,
    You have a lot of great material. I have to get through what I have already from you. I will pick this up in the near future. It sounds amazing and I look forward to getting it soon. Until then, you are awesome.

    Warm Regards,

    Luis Rey Martinez Medina, DO

  3. jabbar naeem
    jabbar naeem says:

    hi david how are you?

    dear david i want to leanr some cources , bcoz i want to enjoy my life, actualy im facing lack of confidence and i can not communicate with ppl espacialy womem, im thinking it will help me

    can i recieve your litrature via post or any courier service?

    if possible please make me an email with detail how it will work and also is there need any material? or just its a theory?
    and offcourse the fees? and in how many days it will take to have command on this skill?

    jabbar naeem

  4. Garvesh Hooda
    Garvesh Hooda says:

    I’ve done a fairly extensive course in nlp and I gotta say I’m loving all the content you’ve put out. Just goes to show how much more there is to learn even still. Thanks a lot

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