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This is a special excerpt from a Private Conversational Hypnosis Class I teach to my Elite NLP/Hypnosis MasterMind Study group.

In This lesson we introduce a new way to understanding pacing and leading, the famous stacking realities conversational hypnosis induction as well as touching on Frame Control, Identities and The Origins of Self Esteem. The example hypnosis inductions are pretty cool too. Lots of great info in this segment.


Hypnosis - Conversational Hypnosis Lesson - Stacking Realities Transcript   

Instant Conversational Hypnosis Lesson 6 – Stacking Realities

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We’re going to start doing some change work. We’re going to start working with some of the things you guys mentioned you want to work on. Ok

We’re going to do this in a very specific way.

I thought about going like real neuro-linguistic on you guys, but I think because I want to have you guys get a little bit more used to doing things your own way. That we’re going to we’re going to take a hypnotist approach to this. So we’re going to be
working with a special conversational hypnosis induction.

And we’re going to do some preliminary work before we actually do it.

but the name of the induction as to “STACKING REALITIES.”

or AKA (Also Known As) “the 5…4…3…2…1 (Induction)”

Student: Now I have to think about that every time you say that.

David: Now, the way this works …is this work is based on a concept called,

“Pacing and Leading.”

How many of you actually know what pacing is?
What a pace is?
And what a Lead is?

Student: Like a dance?

David: Well, what is a pace in dance?

Student: A pace is you are following the music, according to the rhythm of the music and you are just following the pace and how many steps. And if you don’t step on her toes you’re doing OK.
David: OK, In this context … NO, that’s not what a pace is.

Student: So your name is David, Right?
David: Yes
Student: You’re an adult? Correct?
David: Ok you’re showing me what a pace is. That’s actually not a pace, that’s not pacing.
Student: Therefore you have adult responsibilities, right? ….. OH? I thought that (in pacing) you got something (got the person to agree to a series of true things) and then you lead them

David: What was my question? What is a pace?

Student: A pace is something that is true.

David: Ok. If we’re going to start working in a terminology … we really need to understand what we’re dealing with. What we’re talking about.

In the context in which Eric learned pacing, the concept of pace, it has to do with the tempo, the rhythm and the speed of the music.

Tangentially related but not specific enough to what we’re doing. Okay

A “pace,” … from our perspective, is anything in the environment, or actually anything that is sensorily (verifiable through our five senses) or cognitively (we know in our mind), is verifiable, as true.

It’s a truism. Either a truism that we can verify through our five senses,

or something that we can, through our awareness internally directed, or externally directed, verify. Okay?

Give me an example of a pace, based on this criterion, Eric.

Eric: A rose smells sweet.

David: OK. Is there anything in this room that is a pace?

Student: You’re sitting on a chair.

David: Yes. Can we verify that he is sitting on a chair? You bet your butt. (yes we can)

Barbara give me another element, or phenomena, that is verifiably true.

Barbara: Any object in the room. The TV.

David: The TV is what?

Barbara: The TV is sitting on the trunk.

David: The TV is sitting on the trunk.

Notice how simple it was, but yet when you come to actually describe it you have to actually think about it a little bit.

Give me another pace.

Student: Well the thing is that we’re here to learn about paces and leads. The question is, why is that map over there?

David: What the hell is that?
{Students laughing}

Student: Another pace and a lead.

David: What was the question?

Student: What was a pace and what was a lead?

David: Are we?

Student: Well we are now.

David: Is that why we’re here? Is that something? Is that a pace or is that a lead?
Part of it is that would be we’re all here. That’s a pace. The lead would be to learn about “X.”

Right we are all here? At least physically right? okay

Let’s be really, really, specific and precise, with their terms. Okay.

As a hypnotist, our language and the specificity and the vagueness of it, are our stock in trade. We no longer deal in just random specificity and vagaries.

We have to know what we mean, and why we mean it, even when we’re trying to be vague.

Does that make sense?

So when we pace, a pace must be something that we can verify!

When you’re communicating a pace to another person. It MUST be something they can verify.

For instance… Barbara, you’re sitting here, looking at me, listening to my words. You are having certain thoughts about those words.

Barbara: I’m not sure about that one. {laughter}

David: Were you in fact sitting here?

Barbara: Yes. I’m sitting here.

David: Were you listening to what I was saying?

Barbara: I was listening.

David: OK. Were you in fact having certain thoughts?

Barbara: No. {laughter}

David: Back to the fact the moment she went inside to start looking for a thought, that is a thought. Right? So you can verify it. Ok.

Student: So was all of that a pace?

David: Most it was a pace, yes. Okay. So as you’re sitting here listening to me speak. Noticing how I’m talking. Paying attention to my voice inflections, and wondering where I’m going with all this.

Student: That was a lead?

David: Yes. Notice how your mind went there.
Right? The magic of paces … is that every time we …. this goes back to “critical factor” bypass.

If you remember in some of our earlier sessions, I’ve described our critical factor, as being this little man. They get the message, and then he runs back to the filing cabinet to find out if there’s something that corresponds with that. When we start pacing, we start sending the little man back and he verifying and he keeps finding truisms.

And after a while, he stops running back and forth, and just starts saying, “well everything they’ve said so far, is true, so everything else must be true.”

Right? So the critical factor goes away. Okay and then after a while the little man can’t tell the difference between what’s a pace and what’s a lead.

He accepts everything, or she accepts everything, based on what we (the hypnotist) say.

Okay? … A lead is anything we want them to DO! {long pause}

So before we go into the actual induction. I like to prime the pump a little bit, and get our brains kind of working into cataloging paces, and cataloging leads.

So what I want you to do is, on a piece of paper, I want you to write down 15, discrete paces, for this environment.

15 Things that are sensorily, (verified through our 5 senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, or touch) …or cognitively (verified in our mind or through our experience), verifiable as true.

and then I want you to write down …15 leads.
15 Things, you might want somebody:
To believe.
To think.
To say.
To pay attention to.
Something that you want them to DO.

The secret to this… is to make the lead, very very simple. Very very easy.

Okay and in many cases, somewhat related to each other.

So for instance, you might say:

So as you’re sitting here, … {pace}
listening to the sound of my voice, … {pace}
hearing the cadence of my words, … {pace}
and the meanings behind those words, … {pace}
and even though they are impacting on you neurologically, {pace}
as well as auditorily…..{pace}

You might begin to wonder how all this is going to come together. {lead}

And as you begin to wonder how all of that is coming together,  {pace}
You may begin to feel yourself starting to feel a little bit more relaxed. {lead}

You could possibly notice that the sensations in your left ear lobe become more pronounced. {lead}

Even though you weren’t paying attention to them before. {lead}
Now you are. {lead}
And as you pay attention to the left ear lobe, … {lead}

All of a sudden the right ear lobe begs for attention. {lead}
As you notice that, your body continues to relax even more. {lead}

[End of Induction example]


So the magic of pacing and leading, is when we start naming things in the environment that are true.

The unconscious mind starts to paint everything with that brush.
As long pass to Leads are plausible, … small enough that they’re not too far

So if I were to say to you, …

“sitting here, … listening to the sound of my voice, … Hearing my words, … wondering possibly what I’m going to say next … and feeling tremendously horny.”

[class laughs]

See the difference?

It’s way out of proportion. It’s not related directly. This is where people screw up when they try to do hypnotic suggestion. Hypnotic copywriting … or anything like that .

They skip transition. They skip the incremental change.

You can take anybody from a North direction to a south direction, if you just slice it small enough.

You make the transition easy, … natural, … conversational, … and you interspersed them with more leads, … more paces. Okay?

This has a slight fractionation effect as well, because
You’re pacing,
You’re pacing,
You’re pacing,
You’re leading.

So all of a sudden you’re pacing, you’re pacing, your pacing, you’re leading.

Student: You’re Lead is Stronger Then?

David: Well as we get into the induction you’ll see how it all fits together.

OK. But the secret here is we need to start thinking in paces in leads.

So take however long it is you need to take.

Write down 15 things that are sensorily verifiably true,
and  15 leads …
and then I’ll show you how to structure it, so you can begin to play.

Okay, to review, this is how I want you to organize:

pace pace pace pace pace lead (5 x 1)

pace pace pace pace lead lead (4 x 2)

pace pace pace lead lead lead (3 x 3)

And of course , pace pace lead lead lead lead (2 x 4)

Then we are going to go

Pace lead lead lead lead lead (1 x 5)

And then it is just lead lead lead lead lead lead. (0 X 6)


So as you sit here listening to the sound of my voice, …
Watching me click my marker, …
Up and down, …
Wondering what my next pace is going to be, …
You can begin to notice, …
How I’m pacing.

Imagining how I’m pacing.

You can begin to wonder what I’m going to do next.

So much so, … as you feel the weight of your body in the chair,
and you’re looking at me and you’re noticing the subtle nuances,
you’re paying more and more attention to what I’m doing
maybe even trying to figure out what I’m going to do next.

you may begin to realize that I’m simply following the formula

on the board, …. by describing things that you know are true.

Am I not ? Describing things which you know are true?

And as you continue to nod, you realize I’m describing things that you know are

Or are true. You can begin to realize that after a while, what’s arguably or verifiably true, versus what I tell you, is simply the way things are. Starts to blur little bit.

They all start to have the same level of truth to them and as the truth of what I’m doing to you begins to just sink in and you can find yourself relaxing more.

Letting yourself just let go, because there’s another part of your mind that’s

paying attention. Another part of your mind that knows how to learn things quickly.

That’s right. [Big breath, long pause]

Student; You’re evil. [student realizes he was going into a trance]
David: [chuckles]

Student; I think you’re doing a lot more leads than I’ve written down. No?

David: How would you know?

Student: I was paying attention.

David: Actually I started … I have a different process that I use when I teach. I’m trying to teach you the the standard way that people do it.

I have this thing I do call “cyclic pacing and leading. ” Ok?

This is a little bit different. I don’t want to talk about it now, because it will just confuse you, but literally all I want you to do to understand the nuts and bolts in this
exercise is:

Pick any five random paces, …. plug in a lead
Pick any four random paces, …. plug in 2 leads
Plug in any three random paces, … plugin 3 leads
and just guide the person to where you want them to go.

So again just to start with the five four three two one. [induction]

“As you sit here …. feeling the weight of your body in the chair, …. breathing in and out”

Student: But isn’t that a lead? Feeling the weight of your body

David: Can you verify that you can feel the weight of your body in the chair

Student: but doesn’t that tell me “go feel the weight of your body.”

David: No it’s something you’re going to do. You’re going to go check to see if it’s true.

Student: Ok I see what you’re saying.

David: Right? The moment you check to see if it’s true, “BING!” credibility level goes up. Ok. Parsing goes down, …. critical factor goes “Oh okay” … “Oh okay” …. “Oh okay” and it just goes in.

Right? So again, … get really really simple with this. Ok?

If I were to say, “and your legs are crossed.” Well half of you would be like, “No! And all of a sudden I’ve created a message mismatch. Now you’re going to start mismatching what I’m doing because what I say doesn’t match your reality.

Does that make sense? Ok we want to shut the filters off.

The only way to shut them off is to make sure that our credibility is impeccable.

The way we do that is by getting really really sensorily or cognitively verifiable.

Right? It’s a pretty safe bet that he said, ” As you sit here you’re listening to the sound of my voice,” ….

Whether you are consciously doing it ,or not, you’re unconsciously paying attention, there is a part of your brain that goes, “Okay.” Right?

And I’ll show you how to make it even more [cough] more all-encompassing. Ok?

And what I want you do is going to get with a partner.

Another thing we want to do now is we also want to create an outcome. So say you’re working with Barbara and you want to help her lose 15 pounds OK?

So you’re doing this induction and you start to go for “predicate states,” in other words, what state or sequences of states, would be a natural continuum, for her to cycle through, to reach a point where she’s easily able to change and create change.

So you might say

“As you sit here listening to the sound of my voice,… hearing my words, … noticing the intonation is my voice fluctuates up and down,

Feeling the weight of your body in a chair…
Feeling yourself relax …
and noticing how you’re paying more attention to what I’m saying,

because you know, ….
that what I’m saying is directed at you,

because you know I’m here to help you.

You can begin to relax even more …
and the nice thing about learning to relax even more
is that as you continue to relax letting your shoulders kind of go “aaah ooooo” {loose and limp and relaxed} that’s right.

Relaxation, is a key to learning.
And the times we learn best, are when we are most relaxed, and paying attention.

Kind of like when you were little kid and you came to school, and maybe you were excited about learning something for the first time …

and there was some subject or some thing that your teacher showed you, … or a book, …. you know something you saw in a book somewhere, … and it really excited you about learning. About being able to do something new.

And for some mysterious reason, you got it, like that [snaps fingers indicating you understood immediately]

Sometimes it’s something as simple as learning to flush the toilet.

Or flicking on a light switch… in learning that when the lights switch went on one way… the light went on, and when this switch went off, … well the light turned off.

But we learned instantly and there have been many times in our life we’ve had those
one trial learnings. Whether it was something great and complex or something very very simple. The learning was fun. It was exciting. and it felt good to really own that.

To think about those times, letting those feelings come flooding back, realize that you can still learn quickly. You can still learn deeply and learn to change new things.

Because most to the behaviors that we have, most of activities we engage in, are simply decisions we’ve made based on a positive outcome.

and if we’re holding on to things like weight, or illness, or limiting beliefs, …

It’s not that those beliefs are bad. It’s not that those beliefs mean something’s wrong with us. It’s just what we were thinking at the time.

Based on the information that we had and wouldn’t be true if you think about it. Most of what we believe was based on who we were and what we knew.

And what was going on in the environment at the time.
But isn’t there always something we don’t know?
Isn’t there always some level information that could change the way we look at things.
When you change your perspective.
When you change how you see the world,

And you realize that all that a belief is, … is a decision.

It’s just the way you were thinking, … at the time, ….. and you can always change the way you think. OK?

Can’t you? That’s right. And as you go into that state of deep learning, …. learning how to change, …. learning how to experience the world in new ways, …. getting excited about the possibilities, …. tapping into your own mind, ….

You just let go. Let your “other than conscious mind” open up like a flower.
Ever see a flower open up?  They follow the sun. It’s kind of cool.

And take in new ideas, …. take in nurturing thoughts things that allow you to grow in the right directions and diminish things in other directions because that how flowers work.

When something no longer serves its purpose
Well it drops away … it goes away.

and what’s necessary remains so just like the flower can follow the sun, our behaviors can follow our life, … shedding what’s necessary.

As the situation changes … as new learnings, new opportunities arise, new ways to
moving through the world, as we learn and grow.

Isn’t that just a cool thing?

Now you can come back to the room

Student: {unable to hear what was said}????

David: I know, I know. That’s also fractionation.
[Noise from other room] See they heard me. [laughter]

Right? All I did was begin to just pace things and then leave and then every so often I would come back to a few things that you couldn’t argue with.

The moment I fines, and I give you something you can’t argue with, everything that comes before it, … true. OK?

Student: After the fact.

David: Many times yeah. Because you can only analyze something while you’re thinking about it and as long as I keep talking, you’ll keep processing.

And again when I start to going to “lead land” there may be a certain point where,
you know, it’s too many leads and I get a feeling for when that might be in the come back to something concrete.

Like a flower. We’ve all seen a flower. We all know that flower follows the sun and I create a metaphor based on what flowers do.

You see that the increments were small and they were isomorphic.

Actually this one was I think anthropomorphic? [Having human characteristics]

I forget but it wasn’t a human thing but isomorphic means it wasn’t a person. But I mirrored processed.

Taking in new things, …. shedding what’s not necessary, … just like the old leaves drop away

Right? I know what I mean at a neurological level. Her nervous system knows what I mean, at a neurological level.

Ok? And her brain will, and mind will, interpret that in a way that’s relevant to trans- derivational search. {looking for a fuzzy match}

So…. Questions? …[long pause] …No?

You know, if you think about it, flowers aren’t really troubled by a lack of confidence. Are they?

They just do what they do. And the result happens. Right? Because they’re programed for success. They’re programed. If they just do what’s natural.

Kind of like guys actually. The funny thing about relatively dumb guys is they usually have pretty good success with women.

Because they don’t overthink it. They just approach

They’re not troubled by self-doubt. Did you ever notice that your dog isn’t troubled by self-doubt? He has no self-worth issues, because he has no ego.

Student: can’t you give a better example? [laughter]

David:  I could get into this. Don’t get me started on cats, alright. [laughter]

But the whole idea of frame control, think Orin Klaff Said It’s best. In terms of frame control, the difference between dogs and cats,

dog comes home from the pound or the animal shelter, a little puppy, and the family’s feeding him, and clothing him, and taking care of him and doing all these things, and the puppy goes, “they’re so wonderful. They’re giving me everything. They must be God.”

Cat comes home from the pet shop. They feed it. They take care of it. They bathe it.

The cat goes, “Wow they’re taking care of my needs. ‘I’ must be god.”

Class: laughter.

Student: [makes a comment that we can’t hear.]

David: Perception. Both are equally true. Which frame makes your life better? Which frame gets you more of what you want?

Makes sense? All frames are true.

Alright. I want you to break up into groups of two or three.
I want you to string together any random paces.
I don’t I mean I don’t want them to be tangentially related

It could be everything from “that wall is orange,” to “that map is on the wall.”

To, you know, that floor is some gray weird carpet color.

Right? It doesn’t have to have any logic, rhyme, or reason, to the paces.
And then as we get more comfortable with this process, then of course the “paces” will tend to be more and more related. This makes it even more seamless.

Right? But try to stick as much as possible to the pick …. in fact it that’s why I had you to write two separate lists.

Because it might actually help you to write ….five paces, one lead.
Four paces two leads … and just read it.

Does that make sense?

You can also write sales copy this way.

OK, go play. Make sure you tell your partner what goals you want to achieve … like you want to lose 15  pounds. Or you want to get rid of it.

Do we really want to lose anything?

Secret! We fight harder to keep something, than we do to get something new.

The “Ziegarnek affect” keeps us…. They call it the "Z" technique and in “real-world hypnosis” …

The human brain, the human nervous system, is hardwired, to experience more pain from losing something it currently has, than it will experience pleasure from getting something it hasn’t achieved yet.

You’ll experience more pain from losing the dollar in your pocket, than the pleasure you’ll receive from getting a new dollar. So when you are helping people to remove something ….

Lady Student: You haven’t seen me shop. [laughter]

David: [laughter] Well you’re not losing, you’re buying. Ok?
but if we’re trying to save money … and anyway I’m beating a dead horse.

Student: speaking of relationships, we feel more pain from losing one than from gaining a new one?

David: if it’s something that you value, yes. Most people won’t leave a relationship
because they fear that the next one will be worse, or there won’t be another one,

Student: They won’t leave a relationship because….

David: because there won’t be another one…. Or… the next one will be worse.

That’s self-esteem … that’s self-worth issues. That’s why people stay at lousy jobs and everything else, because they’re afraid they can’t replace what they have or the next one will be worse.

Student: What do you do?

David: You raise they’re self-esteem.

Student: You don’t have to go into this right now but you have ways of doing that?

David: Sure! Yeah you see most our self-esteem is based on what we choose what parts of ourselves we choose to look at and amplify. If you look at the in the mirror every day and just only focused on the things you like, your life would change.

But we don’t. We focus on all things that we think are lacking, because that’s our natural hardwiring and that’s how we’re predisposed.

Also our socialization teaches us that too. Ok, the building blocks for our self-esteem

are actually the voices of our primary authority figures from the time we were born
up through about puberty. That’s where our self-esteem comes from.

We didn’t ask for it. We didn’t give permission for it. It was just stuff that got put in there, by people who meant well. They were doing the best they could under the situation, and circumstances but didn’t know shit from shinola either.

Ok. Those the building blocks for most of us.

Does that mean we’re stuck with it? No!
But you have to understand it in order to deal with it.


Go play.


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One of the biggest barriers to getting what we want in life is a phenomenon we hypnotists call.


The causes of resistance are many.

The symptoms of resistance are pretty easy to spot.

Procrastination and Hesitation

And Just like there are two kinds of beliefs that we have.

Those we know about, and  those we don't know about.

Resistance also has two types

Conscious and Unconscious.

Over the past 20 years I've researched and  studied many different sciences and forms of influence all for one primary purpose

Removing and Eliminating  Resistance

...and Gaining Compliance

That study has led me to  some interesting places.

But I digress...

Resistance Category One:

Conscious Resistance: conscious resistance happens whenever we percieve a threat to any one of three areas.

1. Identity - How We See Ourselves

2. Image - How We Think Others
Will Perceive Us.

3. Personal Ideology - We recoil from  and resist any influence  that contradicts what we know to be right  and/or true in our world.

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Reactance Occurs Any Time you Perceive A Threat To you Sense of Personal Autonomy.

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Personal Freedom and Choice

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...and even some we do ask  for

WE Instinctively Fight Back Against That Influence...

... Even if That Influence is  Coming from OURSELVES.

Bet I Got Your Attention With That One, Didn't I?

You see most of the things we want in life require discipline and action to achieve.

Now, one one level that just makes sense.


... To the Most Primal And Primitive Part of Us.

The Reptile Brain, The Deep Unconscious Mind.

Discipline = Pain

Discipline = Loss of Freedom

Discipline = Change and Change Is  Different From What  is Familiar

Familiar = Safe

Different = Danger

Your reptile brain:

moves away from pain and  towards pleasure.

-  Towards What is Familiar  and Away From What is Different.

Towards Freedom and Away From  Captivity

And When We Sense Change Is Being  IMPOSED On US...

Then Mentally We engage in one of  Three Possible Reptilian Responses

- We Flee -

- We Freeze

- We Fight Back

Here is where things get "Weird"

We Can Actually Do This To Our Selves, and Often Do.

We Unconsciously Screw Ourselves Up By Turning  "Want To's"  into "Have To's"

You see anything we WANT to do Has a PLEASURE REWARD Connected to it,

and When we talk to ourselves about it...

We automatically use certain Types of "hypnotic" language.

The Language Patterns We Use  On Ourselves

- Create A Desire for Pleasure

- The Motivation is Perceived as   Internally Generated

- and is Perceived By Our  Unconscious Mind As An Act of Free Will and Choice.


This is where it gets really weird.

There is a circuit or a "Switch that often occurs in the average person.

Whereby, When we talk to ourselves about certain activities,

Even those we say we want.

We Turn them from "Want To's" Into "Have To's"

The moment we "unconsciously switch from "Want To" Language To "Have To" Language..

The perceived direction of motivation shifts from

-  Internal To External

-  Pleasure To Pain

-  From Free Will To Coercion


Instant Reactance, Resistance, and Ultimately ...Procrastination and Hesitation.

Reactance Forms the Back bone of most failed New Years Resolutions

- Diets, and Weight Loss

- Fitness Programs,

- Budgeting and Saving Money

- and Just about Any Household

Resistance and Reactance Are The Major Players that Can And WILL Stop You From ACTIVATING The Other Laws of Attraction  IF You Don't Blast Them Out of  Your Mind IMMEDIATELY.

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 Transcripts Below:

Hypnosis Training:

Learn Hypnosis Online Lesson 4 - The Procrastination Blaster

David Snyder


so the next any authors more you guys here a minute


start taking action


now the whole process power actually map out the whole


silo we start with universal solvent


which is another general negativity clearing now we go to great room


they would go to Magic Frame them


man we would go to to cause power was that already


and know if you re I'll pillars of power


and would-be I what's the thorny


will be turning


and this week on the identity by design process


so we've shown you


rare own we've shown you the building block


are pillars a power which is the narrow semantic


energetic repairing are you just say energy spending


101 back motion released any


when it went off magic frame is a specific negativity clinic site is also


a blind technique


it's used for the stuff that didn't come out I'm during the general negative


incurring if there is anything sometimes Joe negativity clear


clear picture although and has more than your linguistic and I'll P style


approach to it still don't own a company parameters


%uh a trance state Korea hypnotic induction


but doesn't have to be song as you've got engagement the body


and the mind can create powerful changes with that won't go into it


too deeply here tempted just to give you an idea that there's a whole string the




are going I'm giving you some choice cuts that you go out play with the Stars


getting some big leverage with right away with doing clients only doing it


for yourself


I next release not even on this time


are not even in the street missile but it's one that everybody seemed to really


and I talked about it they're releasing them groove on its but destroying


procrastination and hesitation we've actually got to the following this line


one is called the Autonomous the others called the procrastination last


really start with om both these two


something very very specific you the


reverse your motivation know what I mean by that


we have two kinds of things that we have to admit that we deal with things we


have to do


are must do and think we want to do as a rule human nervous system use anything


that must be done


as painful it's important


anything that must be done


is painful even if it's a pleasurable think we have to do it


we view it is pain tank becomes important


it use anything we want to do


as pleasurable can


a reptile runs away from pain


and towards pleasure so the trip becomes


was on track to process how do we turn


are must dues into want to use pretty cool




8 somebody's really emotionally expressive that I can play


you in


notice how much to ask for volunteers love it okay


much choice a RBI pigment be


who okay here's why why don't you pick something on a scale of 0 to 10


10 being the most the thing you're avoiding most in


0 being something you're not winning it all I want to examine it around a1 or a2


its phase


brings thing like seven tank about that


and i got really think okay


gotta okay here's what I want to do this technique is called the procrastination




in your mind yours I want to do


is I want you to begin to tell yourself


over over again I must do


X and must do X must do X


and as European over and over and over again


I want you to increase the emotional intensity and quite emotional


amplitude I must do this I must do this


maybe you don't want to do it he just keeps amplifying whatever feelings


you're having


ok if you don't want that I must do this and what a feeling rebellious at times


as when it reaches its climax when it reaches its emotional crescendo you


didn't do not want to do it


take a deep breath blow it out


drop everything become as impassive an indifferent as you can


go completely


when she say to yourself over and over again


different kinda way I don't want


I don't want to want


you to increase the emotional intensity


over and over an ovary


and when it absolutely reaches its peak


I don't want to home committee breath


let it go just sit still quietly for a while


begin to notice a voice begins to well up in your mind


it might even start to say something like want to


litigating louder and louder


and louder and when it reaches its peak when it reaches climax


you know open your eyes organizing it up and go do it


Africa Lalo


then the CDC are shipped your beer on a bus




there is no the basis is that technique was called the echo magnet comes from




the regional on agenda training used by soviet


athletes when they swept the Olympics back and I think with the 70's or 80's


to like 30 gold medal or something like that in this very close highly


I classified top secret medal training program that was later


released by defector it's found a book called red gold


if you want to actually read the year the original process


when you do spirits when you do that shapiro cleanup


I wish to his




all along hit a little


Shopping Network little mean


if we're now happening


and and with that is


him I


his much yeah I


I was I knew that would happen but I had to make an explicit so that way


but you actually having before I set pretty cool


and already is you just let that boys play


and you'll notice as the as the in a dialogue for that particular party gets


lot now you'll get more motivated


to go do it any just just go do it


K and I i talk that day


now anything I teach you that doesn't involve a formal hypnotic process to be


your entrance


it just means that there's more conscious mind


interaction going on there if you do this process


in deepstatus an aneurysm ten times more powerful


because the filters that are modulating a return on Stranger gone


back but you can do this is just simple self program


yes accord


no I miss you getting motivated falsely


can you actually can just get 50




just work a price admission the


became procrastination last yr


I don't want to deprive I must do axe boo


X being whatever it is that people but not hesitating to do


and by the way it doesn't matter if it's something you're putting off


or something or you just a moment you have a momentary hesitation like maybe


you see an attractive person you wanna go talk to them


I don't want I must do this I must do this I must do this I must do this


yeah okay


next thing you do is you you completely drop this once you reach the first


YouTube you build


to a climax


and then you release it


go completely indifferent


and then just begin repeating


I don't want to


max from back in different states


and again you allow this to build to a crescendo


or climb depending on if your musical or not and then you let it go


and then you wait


for that still small voice that said


and you let that build on its own and you'll notice as that continues to build


and build and they'll tell you desire to do that thing


when it reaches its crescendo get up and do it


tank that simple that's the procrastination love


alright so I'm gonna give you one last technique


yes yes a arsenal of you that this


a smaller week was it tends to be a softer quieter voices


first heat on that stage in step 1 step 2


said step two is gonna be again used you gonna start


low level but you can let the intensity bill but you're gonna start you gonna


create a complete indifference to the task at hand


don't give a shit okay a just I don't want to


I don't want to I don't want you I want you I want to when it reaches its


emotional climax


that ago deflate and just wait


and the boys will happen on its own don't look for it


thank income now we start right but the mother taught I'm doing certain things I




have you have the experience before explain the mechanics of it


because as a rule on the conscious mind here's the mechanics of the process it


tries to take over the processes that have the experience


you need to have the everything I do is based on no sis


there's there's techniques in and systems are based on faith


and their systems are based on direct experience you know it


because you can't leave experienced it that's that's the world according to




that's why I say don't believe anything I say go do it at while Mike


with very few exceptions all lately and a lot more didactic classes


most my stuff is based on getting up rolling up your sleeves to neutrals and


get the skills


I am a skill-building kinda guy

Hypnosis Training – Learn Hypnosis Online – Lesson 3 – The Gift

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Grey Room Demo – Induction Only



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Hypnosis Training: Learn Hypnosis Online – Lesson 2 – Powerful Clearing Technique For You

Learn Hypnosis Online - Hypnosis Lesson 2 - General Negativity Clearing Hypnosis Technique-

"The Grey Room"

Real World Hypnosis Sneak Preview Lesson 2: The Grey Room.



I absolutely love the Grey Room, and all of my students do too.
Why...Because the Grey Room Is a powerful multi-purpose hypnotic negativity clearing technique. I've used this in medical hypnosis conditions, anger, trauma, and many other situations.
Its extremely versatile and can be used as a staging technique or a primary hypnotic intervention.Pay very close attention to the emphasis on somatic engagement. When you get the body involved the unconscious mind has no choice but to believe.For more information on the complete system of hypnosis we offer be sure to check out


I've included a rough transcript below to make things a bit easier for you to follow. By you can also follow along with the demo and do the grey room for yourself right away to start clearing out the garbage you've been carrying around.
In Fact, If you want to follow along with just the Grey Room Demo and Skip the Lecture and Explanation Part Click The Link Below


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Transcript Below.

and so grey room is very very similar in certain respects
to the energetic spinning technique
basically you have a person
pretend to go into a trance you have them going to a place that's safe
feels like home deepest transceiver been there in a place where
any change in a care must in fact become their new reality
as they enter the room they notice in the center the room is a glowing
fire the beautiful roaring flame
the wall there and don't shake the room the walls are beautiful pearly grey
nice neutral think you know says you look around the room
on a wall or bits of paper and some pool
some pieces of paper represent all the positive experiences in
other pieces a paper are in a different color
and they represent the less than positive experiences
things you know about things you don't know about
know what you do
and what you do here's if
me I recommend for the first time he guided through this exercise so I might
actually guide you all through it
just so you can play with sound effects are important
the more you can read the can verify the experience
the better is what I want to do is as you walk into this room and what you
reach up and watch
touch one of those pieces a paper that are
a less than positive experience as you reach at you i watchin I was wearing
your body feeling and when you're ready to finally be rid at
you I want to reach out I want to rip it off the wall
short of one knows how that feeling your body stores
change now crumpled up measured from what I want to know this how
feeling your body changes even more and when you're really ready
wash a walkover thrown in the fire
wash notice what happens at least
dislike bill happened you already did and
when say absorption
in the experience right you wanna be really good at this take an acting class
as actors are trying to do but I'm teaching
did signed it April how did your world and suck you into their
all the tools and wrong are hours to make your life exactly what you wanted
to be
once they know that process
haven't walken couple times through it noticing a change
and I'll feel him go now it's not a question of
if they change is how much are they gonna feel doesn't matter the
unconscious mind understands the process
I we hold fire as we know it positive housing at DD
to the people in the great room need to know what those things are
now some don't know they are some not just got a bad feeling the pick it up
started up the minute they start manipulating the feeling with their
physical and
will start manipulating its promotional a semantic level
it'll start to change because all the
Helen areas have your brain are being activated and focused on the same
process are you is never here doing one thing party with no we're doing
something else warning about your laundry
everything over here working on this one thing
all your channels are focused you have maximum absorption once we have this
we go through a weekly now each and every less than positive experience
thrown in the fire will burn about the release and free that energy noticing
how good we feel after each successive
toss and I just want to take however much time you need the time you have
to go through that process and money you know it's complete when you know your
purged healthy and better than ever before completely free all that
this replace your finger Niger had let me know will continue with the next part
of our process
I'm now if you do yes
question up okay if you're doing this by yourself
just see it the in the room
acted out are times when I was first play with this I would walk out
move the furniture and I roam walk in the door and i'd see the Grail
and I'd see the fire pit not walk alone I tear shit up
throat the fire huge you change
time the more you get the meat suit involved
the more absorption you create I use this to pass a
a between i'ma note we nice
Chinese massage how I have final exam I had to do and I had had a chance to
practice my techniques
so how am I gonna on the list so i'd like
15 minutes before a scheduled to go answers I saw remembering their
tried remember the shoulder routine and I need to do
it was a comment so just imagine it was a body that I just read to and work
and the first couple within the first minute or so I knew I was acting shot
next thing I know
I'm working on somebody seven minutes goes by and I just gave this guy for
and I don't know why what's
okay past test like white colors
the justification I knew exactly what I was doing
your unconscious mind is wired this way
you have your neurologically hard-wired for spatial memory
it is easier for you to memorize thing spatially than any other way
anybody have a technique called the memory palace
it's based on spatial memory because that's how we survived
to evolve in our society we had to learn more things are
how far away they were all that other stuff we are hard-wired for
so anytime we use spatial metaphors
it has more impact was neurologically than if you just use
something that is just words
make sense and if you act think if you look in that hologram
and you're going through the motions the unconscious mind doesn't know the
difference in it doesn't care
because it that's the language that your unconscious mind speaks in
for lack of a better word speaks imagery and speaks in feelings
words the last thing he pays attention to K
once all the red she's gone machine is a technical term
all the positive experiences begin to expand into glow
growing stronger and stronger when every breath you take an every beat of your
feeling you with an inexhaustible energy building your self-esteem
feeling yourself work making me feel so much better about yourself and ever felt
giving you all the energy courage strength and whatever else you need
to get the things you want and move forward in life by your standards in
your definition
I know how to worry about the word so much you know the right words for you
that's all that matters make sense
the late the energy coming from what's left spans but
fills the room I wallpaper the energy grows more intense grows stronger
becomes a never-ending source and must supply up whatever you need
to get what you want
so what have we done in that one movement anchor
jet engine at the anchor harsh
rev up the engine right
so Papa right
now whatever change what we do from this point on
gonna be hard times here cuz everything that we've gotten in the way when I made
that job harder
got resemble
mmm closure
which hands in your lap which he fled on foot take a long breath
and its let that without the side deeper and deeper with every breath you take
every beat of your heart I just when should give yourself permission
to allow yourself to go on a very short but amazingly powerful journey with me
as you focus all their attention on the interview rising relax those tiny
in your act relax them to the point
at their sole relaxed you couldn't actually
open them without pulling tension back into relaxed and Mac deeply
even more and when you know you've got can now relax
just test real quick to be sure they won't work perfect
now stop testing when you're sure at that level relaxation flow from the top
of your head all the way down to the tapes have you told
deeper and deeper with every breath you take an and repeated your heart I just
want you to
lech to relax as I kites you
inside deep inside your mind body and spirit is a place in absolute power
a place at absolute change place where you store things
are useful and sometimes things that were useful at one time
but not so useful anymore and what you imagine if you would
a portal some kind of person that you might be a glowing archway
I'm gonna physical some you might be an elevator door
some you might be a cellar door maybe it's a big ok ago with heavy knockers
whatever is for you Wenger noticed that
place inside and once you reach out your physical hands
cause that portal open way that's right natural Fria
as you enter that place inside whatcha walk inside that room
much notice which he inside the ship interesting moment
don't shake with pearly grey
the center in this room is this beautiful clone
our place in it radiates warmth and energy that just causes you to feel
freedom the flame for freedom inside
and on the wallet which look around may notice that they're certain
pieces of paper or it could be something else I know one person who went to their
great room
they found that those things on the wall tiles that he had a break and smash in
bro company smashed him and all the sudden he felt liberated is all that
weight was lifted from his body in from his mind
whatever it is for you its peace is a paper great styles
that's OK too you know the process
now one set of tiles are papers or whatever
is in one color it represents all the positive experiences in life
all another color represent
on the last the positive experiences all the things you've been holding onto that
no longer certain that you're ready to let go of that you're willing to let go
and as if by some secret q1
those pieces of paper caught your attention and you walk over to and your
reach and I want you to touch set-piece paper
for that title every I want you to notice as you touch it that there's a
feeling your body that comes up
you touch it now this week and wish to take that thing off the wall
now to begin to hear smash it or crumple it up
on me get less than what it was and what I
as you begin to manipulate that interest in mind by as hell begins to change
feeling on you're finally ready to get rid of it
walk over stumble it up
thrown in the fire Marsh
wash feel that energy burn up
feel your body shape always right natural here
give yourself permission just let it go noticing how good you feel
and when you know that was all burned up and feel the energy released to whatever
degree you won't let yourself do that now
walk over to the next take it off the wall
known as we're in your body feel again crumpled up cracking up
make it smaller change know is how it changes the field when you're ready
walk over to that fire pit chuck it in the fire
wash feel it burn up I'm going to suggest that the what you get the body
involved the morn
mazing this experience is gonna be free but that's okay yourself
now which is systematically move through this rough
begin to remove all those things
from the wall that no longer serve walk over the fire pit
Thrones peerage
the specific by
every piece be thorough you don't have to know what they are
you have to care all you need to know is that there that color
time it's time for them to go I want you know you've got
well you know the room is completely clean
for all the right reasons you know to silently notch ahead
and will follow the next part of our process her
income away for everybody did not
so you have more stuff than others that's okay
I'm teaching you something that she's yours for ever
that you can use whenever you want
to feel whatever you want and now it's a clean of all the last remaining
pieces notice how those glowing the pieces that remains positive experiences
and power increases everything
that makes you feel good about who you are out where you going
and who you're destined to become those energies begin to close stronger and
stronger earnings up one thing energy that vibrates from those pieces of paper
from those tiles or whatever it is
and they begin to expand and begin to merge
into one another becoming like a shield wallpaper coating the inside this room
feeling you with their radiant energizing you from the inside out
having that energy prickly upward and outward into every cell in every atom in
here by
changing everything
that's ready willing to be changed problem rabies
and what every breath you take an
every beat of your heart this inexhaustible endless limitless source
of energy is there
to move you forward in life towards the things you want
both consciously and unconscious
so that tonight while you sleep
know why dream this process will continue even people
your mind body and spirit will systematically find everything that's
less than past
everything that's been holding you back
and take it off a law change it
such a way that it easily
removed from the body removed from the mine
and in its place wash
all this energy just double triples
grows stronger stronger with every breath
every beer unstoppable
entryway on gets better
in a moment not yet but in just a moment account 125 when I reached the number
five to emerge from the state bring all these wonderful
with you seeing the world for new lives from a new place from a new perspective
free that stuff seeing the world through the eyes
possibility through the eyes of excitement energy and enthusiasm
others feelings and treats and resources
drives you want me to accomplish what you want there
alike to feel them welling up inside
notice when they begin notice where they go
notice that there's a collar associated with those
trait desired attributes and now as I cannot
from 125 those feelings
energies attributes will simply begin
to grow stronger stronger
when I reached number five they'll reach unstoppable
ever increasing model in a way that's right and natural
combining with the work you've done
and supercharging you to move forward for all the right reasons number one
feel yourself returning this place we call reality
bringing with you a brand new reality
a reality where you can learn how to get rid of stuff
you no longer need to talk to you about come to some stuff maybe didn't know
about it cocked
you learned how to find the resources inside
you want that you need to move you forward in life
that inspire you to take powerful incisive action amplified
you to learn had a change
anyone sensation feeling our experience transmuted
into it opposite by choice
nice night
go free and magic mucho no next 20 minutes to happen
because it only gets better number two
all of my suggestions from me to you from you your unconscious mind
are not ten times more powerful than ever before ten times more permanent ten
times more unstoppable
and with every breath you take an every beat of your heart ladies and gentlemen
home get better number three
ladies and gentlemen is always at least three ways to solve any problem
always at least three solutions any situation or circumstance that you have
to solve your
unconscious mind you're amazing create a faculty your problem solving centers
instantly completely online to generate those three solutions in the fastest
easiest most powerful way
for you and the good of all concerned number four
because it's all for you
you put in the time
you made the investment you came out here tonight you've done the work
paid the price of admission and the prices on
and it's true freedom now on the next count you can emerge from the state
only at the rate and speed that you know it's true that's you know you got it
seeing the world
from a new perspective that only gets better
number five take your time
come on back



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