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Lately I have been getting some really good questions.

I love questions. Because the better the question...

The better The Lesson.

Today's Conversational Hypnosis Question Is From Ed,

Who Writes:

I have a question for you. I know the right side controls the left side.
I was wondering if you ever did a study of whether it matters if the
person is right or left handed?
Doe it make a difference or do you do every thing in reverse.Like standing on right side which is supposed to engage emotional side more, etc.
Just curious.

My answer:


Hi Ed,

The short simple answer is yes. The more in-depth answer is depends.


It depends primarily about what you are trying to accomplish
and the methodologies you are using to do it.

For example.

If I am using only the 7 STEALTH hypnotic language patterns then it doesn't matter at
all which side of the brain they are using, at least on a practical level.

IF however I am seeking to influence in a non-verbal manner, the
subject being right or left handed is going to make a significant albeit,
imperceptible difference.

If I am attempting to use NLP Eye Accessing Cues to elicit their thinking

Then I do have to know whether they are right or left handed because
many times the eye accessing cues are reversed in left handed people.

Handedness,i.e. hemispheric dominance is a primary player in how we
process information and ultimately the perceptions we derive as a result.

Interestingly, since one of the primary STEALTH patterns does in fact deal with
"Spatial Presuppositions"

...And the right side of the brain is the spatial processing unit.

Then it tends to make sense that you would exert a significant amount
of influence using the spatial pattern on someone who is "Right Brain" Dominant.


In terms of emotional engagement, It could make a difference but the simple
Covert Hypnosis Mind Hack is to Always Stand On Their Dominant Side.

Just tapping into this spatial hypnotic operator will automatically cause them
Feel More Emotionally Positive Towards You, and therefore process any suggestions
you give more favorably than if you were standing anywhere else.

The tactical rule is simple this:

Find their dominant side and stay on it.
Lots of other ways this can be used as well. But I think This Answers Your Primary Question.

Yes, right or left handedness does matter.


It just a question of how much.

Hope That Helps.


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