NLP Vs Speeding Tickets – Brave/Stupid? Do NOT Try This!!!


NLP Vs. The Law?

Let's face it, practically everyone who ever dreams of learning conversational

hypnosis or N.L.P.,  fantasizes about being able to use it to get out of tough situations.


  • Speeding Tickets,
  • Jury Trials,
  • Taxes.
  • Angry Ex-Significant Others Etc,

Of course...That begs the question of course...

Using NLP/Conversational Hypnosis... Are These Things Truly Possible, Even If  Ethically Questionable?

ANSWER: Of Course They Are.

Here's PROOF!


However, Just because you CAN do something. doesn't mean you SHOULD Do It.


I happened to think the video above is a real good example of NLP and Conversational Hypnotic Pattern Weaving In Action.
In spite of the artistry this gentlemen demonstrates, I don't recommend you try this. At least not without MASSIVE amounts
of practice and training in NLP and conversational hypnosis

If anyone is interested, I'll post a break down of how he did it. or we can discuss it in the forum.



Post Your Comments and Questions.


Talk Soon.

David Snyder


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