NLP Flirting and The Art of Social Influence (CRITICAL)

...For Your Success With Conversational Hypnosis


What is critical you may ask?

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The Answer Will Shock and Astound You.

You Sure You Can Handle It?

... Really?

The Answer Is...


Yes, I said FLIRTING.

Keep Reading and I'll Explain.

Flirting is Inherently Hypnotic.


FLIRTING emotionally based, and driven by
Body Language Cues That Activates Specific
Feeling States.


Those Feeling States Cause Your Conscious
Mind To Only Pay Attention To Information
that Reinforces The Way You Are Currently
Feeling...  and Makes it Stronger.


Let me give you a non-flirting example.


Ever Play That Kids Game "Punch Buggy?"


It's that game where you pick a particular
make and model of automobile and then as
you and your friends are traveling around...


The first person to see one yells "Punch Buggy!"


And Gets To Give His or her buddies a punch
in the arm.


The interesting thing about this is that even
after you stop actively looking for those types
of cars.


You Still Keep Seeing Them and Noticing
Them As You Move Through Your Day.


Your Mind Does This Every Time You Experience
An Emotional Change of Any Kind.


For a practitioner of covert and conversational
hypnosis - This Information is CRITICAL!


And While Most People Consider Flirting
to Be Reserved Only For Romantic Adventures.


There is far more to the power of Flirting
Than Meets The Eye.


In Fact, What You Can Do With It In Business
And Networking Is Nothing Short of Outstanding.


I recently did a 3 plus hour workshop For My
NLPPOWER MEMBERS on Flirting For Fun And Profit.


I posted the first segment of It Here For you
To Watch For Free.

Click This Link To Watch It:


If you like it and want more just read the Description
below the video and you'll find instructions on how to
Get FULL ACCESS To The Entire Presentation.


It's really cutting edge stuff.


I'm only Going to Keep This Up for a Couple Days,
Then I'm Taking it Down Because I'm Including It
With My Upcoming



That takes:

  • Conversational Hypnosis
  • Covert Hypnosis,
  • Social Engineering/Social Dynamics
  • and Other "Trade Craft" To A Whole
    New Level.



I presented this to an audience of both Women
and Men and All of Them Loved It.



If you've ever really wanted To Understand the Opposite Sex

  • in a way that actually works for you
  • that you can use right away to find and attract
    your ideal mate
  • or simply improve the relationship you are already in


... This Program Really Delivered The Goods.


But I Can't Keep It Up Forever Because Its Too Darn Good
To Just Give Away To Everyone, Can you imagine If EVERYONE
Had Access This Kind of Power?


For The Next 48 Hours Until 08-27-2013

You Can Judge For Yourself Here


Please Be Sure To Post Your Comments. and
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Talk Soon.


San Diego NLP


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