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    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      I fully support anyone who wants to learn hypnosis. I’ve always felt hypnosis is a “life skill” that can dramatically shorten the time and effort it takes to do anything or get anything you want.

      Let me know what questions you have about hypnosis.


  1. Den
    Den says:

    This recording is still no good. Can barely hear it. Theres no volume and there is a pulsing sound with earphones on. One of the worst ive ever heard. that pulsing is annoying.

  2. Eric Acosta
    Eric Acosta says:

    honestly this is a very good induction and use of awakening i want to learn more i usually get in the induction but i cant get my suggestions to work do you have any advice?

    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks, I am glad you like the induction. Tell me more about what you are having trouble with and I’ll see if I can give you some tips for making your inductions more effective.


  3. Terence Childs
    Terence Childs says:

    HI I am interested in hypnosis and certainly would like to learn conversational hypnosis. I have looked at the free video and quite frankly do not understand what I am supposed to learn from it? It is no different from other freebies on hypnosis. I want to learn something as proof I am able to learn fully covert hypnosis to enable me to get any clients for my holistic therapy business.

    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Hi Terrence,

      The video you are commenting on is not a covert hypnosis video. Its a group installation hypnosis session. There is not anything covert (other than the language patterns I am using) about it. The kind skills you are looking for would fall under criteria and values elicitation and the “Echo” Technique that we teach in our CPI Training. We also cover it quite in depth in the Hypnotic Hotbuttons Bonus Video included with the STEALTH Instant Conversational Hypnosis Crash Course.

  4. GRay Glenn
    GRay Glenn says:

    Hi David, This one was a challenge, but I still managed a 97% accuracy with it. Would you give it a proof read with the video and correct any errors I made. I know there were about 7 or 8 words I just couldn’t make out. Hopefully this transcript may help some of the folks above who couldn’t hear it clearly and the folks yet to see it.
    G. Ray
    Transcript of Video
    David: Just relax your eyelids to the point that where they just won’t work. When you know you got them that relaxed, … test them just to be sure.

    When you Stop testing and let that level of relaxation go from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes.

    Become intimately absorbed into the state …that you’re becoming more and more familiar with.

    Recognizing any sound that you hear other than the sound of my voice are simply the sounds of the busy lobby environment. They can’t disturb you. They can’t distract you in any way. In fact all they can do to you is signal you to take a deep breath and relax even more.

    And now I want you to begin use that amazing imagination.

    And I want you to begin to imagine going into the deepest, most wonderfully comfortable and safe, trance state. Maybe it’s a place you’ve been before. Maybe it’s a new experience that you can’t wait to let happen. If you allow yourself, to just drift and dream, down into that place.

    I want you to recognize a quiet yet powerful voice telling you things that are good and true about yourself.
    A voice, that has the voice of authority built into it. A voice that’s ten times more powerful and more pervasive, more trustworthy, than anything else you’ve ever heard.
    A voice that’s so strong that it drowns out every other voice.

    A voice so soothing and comforting, … so reverberating in its power, …that it has the ability to change and alter any other voice that might be there, … to the point where those other voices … are no longer relevant.

    To the point where those other voices simply sound silly. And its good to have a voice
    That can tell you the good things about who you are. I know, because I have a voice like that. A voice that speaks the truth. That gives you the best guidance possible.

    With the information that we have available. And when my voice says those things, I start to feel immensely better. And I realize that I’m not my body, even though you have a body.

    We are not our thoughts, even though we have thoughts. We are not our clothes and we are not our stuff. Even though we have them.

    What we are … is far greater… far more powerful. And our voice … our voice …. Speaks to us from that place. In the Hindu religion, they call that the god within.

    You may have another name for it. And as you listen to that voice with the experience and the perspective of an adult. Telling you, … from that place before time,… before you entered this world,… everything that you need to hear. Everything that you need to understand, and feel at the deepest level, … and to feel the truth of it.

    Letting it grow inside you like a miniature sun. Like a spark being fanned into a flame. The truth of what this ultimately trustworthy voice is telling you. Call it a change from before you entered this world.

    Insulating you in all the right ways from the experiences that come after. Giving yourself permission, ….absolute permission. To shed whatever you’re willing and ready to shed, … like taking off a dirty set of clothes and throwing them in the hamper.

    Or in the trash, …or in the fire, … and putting on what ever suits you, … whatever identity, … of whatever works … you decide.

    From this voice of absolute trust within you, notice where that energy starts… notice where the feeling and the sound originate. Notice how it begins to travel from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes, seeking out everyplace in your body, mind and memory. [sirens] Feel that rescue ambulance taking away the bad stuff.

    Just like a spiritual 4-1-1 …or 9-1-1. whatever you want to call it. Feel the truth of that voice taking root inside of you. Wrapping itself inside your senses, like a brilliant internal sun. Warming you.

    Shielding you. Causing you to see all the subsequent events of your life from that moment you incarnated, in a new perspective. A way that reinforces that ever growing sense of self portrait and self esteem that you have. Realizing the absolute truth at the deepest levels that your consciousness is the seat of your true path. No worse and no better than any other consciousness expressing itself. In this time and in this place.

    Because we are all here for a reason, we are all here to live and express what our senses came here to live and express. And you are allowed to leave a bundle. You are allowed to move forward in your life. And now what I want you to do from that place firmly inside your center I want you to turn that volume all the way up.

    Feel the vibration resonating from every part of your body mind and spirit. If you believe in multiple energy vibes… feel it …. rippling through you… and through you.

    And now from that place before time, … like a rocket sled, …. moving through your timeline … whoosh … see yourself and feel yourself moving from the path, … changing all the events of your life …for the beginning for the better

    [knocking on door]
    With every event that it passes through, that voice becomes louder, stronger, more truth for you.

    Changing what needs to be changed for you to feel good about who you are and realize that you deserve… all the good things that you came here to change tonight.

    Student: question
    [David signals to hold it til the end]

    As those things naturally ancestry because of the change you may hear … You’ll naturally find more things that you’ll want to change… more things that you want to express. And you have permission from the voice. That new one. That old voice. Before time. The one that was there before your parents… Or the other authority figures….. The ones that you could always turn to… For the right advice. The right information and perspective…for exactly what to do … and you do it.

    As we continue moving in the present and on into the future notice how your life is already changing. Notice as you look back, from that place, in the present and even into the future …you look back on those moments, notice what new things you’ve learned, because of that voice, things you didn’t notice before because the old self wasn’t ready to.

    Recognizing your truth. Who you are. What you deserve. And filled with a hunger and with a desire to go and make your life exactly what you want it to be. By your standards and by your definitions. And when you know its true. And when you know …its right and ready …allow your eyes to open and return to this moment … wait and see that all these changes and these progressions are waiting.

    Welcome back.

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