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Yesterday I sent out an email that touched off a FIRESTORM in the STEALTH Hypnosis Community.
I announced a system for using powerful hypnotic principles for finding and attracting
the love relationship you've always wanted.

Now I didn't SAY it that way because you have to talk to men differently than you talk to
Women... and by the way, if that FACT offends you. Then this list is not a good place for you.

But think about it for a minute. You DID register to learn "Conversational" Hypnosis Right?

Doesn't that kind of "presuppose" that there are "different" ways to talk that are more effective
than others?

Okay, That being said. I got a bunch of emails from people who were upset claiming...

A. I'm Not Teaching "Real" /Legitimate Hypnosis

B. Offended at the Apparently Sexist tone of my Email.

C. Upset Because They were female and wanted to know how to use this system for finding and
keeping a great guy.

And You Know What... The Ladies Were Right.... Mostly 

You see what you really need to understand is that just about everything human beings engage
in is a form of "hypnosis"...

and emotional states are the MOST hypnotic human phenomenon of all and If
you can't manage emotional states...

Those states will CONTROL You.

Love and attraction are powerful hypnotic operators that control a huge portion of your life and
they control you without your understanding of how they do it.

Its the Most Powerful form of hypnosis there is.

But I did Target That Last Email for The Men... and Ladies... For That I am Sorry...

So Here's What I am going to do...

Just For The Ladies...(and maybe a few really smart men)

On March 30, 2013 at 3:00 PM Pacific Time

I'm going to share with the ladies of The STEALTH Hypnosis Community One of my
Most Powerful Systems For Finding creating and keeping a Great Man/Relationship.

"Renegade Romance"
Hypnotic Attraction Secrets For Dating Mating and Relating"

I've taught this program several times live over the last 24 months and ...

...The Women Love It Because It Really Works.

But Don't Just Take My Word For it...

In fact before you register for this FREE Teleclass

I INSIST You Go To The Link Below and...


But I've never taught this method to Lovely Ladies Online Before.

So on March 30, 2013 at 3:00 PM Pacific Time

You Get To Learn This System ... For FREE

Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Learn In This Amazing Tele-class ($247.00 Value)

In This Sixty Minute Call We Will Delve DEEPLY Into some of the most important
secrets for how to actually

* Entice,
* Approach
* Attract
* Acquire the man you really desire.

* How To Quickly Discover If the Man You Are With Is A Keeper Or Not.

* Create A Deep Attraction AND Make the Man or woman of your dreams WANT
To Be with and STAY With YOU!

And That's Just The Beginning... You'll also learn

* The most important hypnotic secrets to becoming amazingly confident and attractive to the
opposite gender.

* We will talk about the 7 key secrets for making ANY approach strategy work and Enticing The Right
Man To Approach You

* (You'll also learn A Big Mistake Women Make That Keep The RIGHT Men Away)

* How to understand not only dating dynamics but relationship dynamics that help you redesign or custom create the relationship of your dreams.

* Overcome or stop arguments in its tracks and get you and your spouse or lover moving in the same directions together

* Simple Sleight of Mouth Secrets That Can Change Attitudes and Save Relationships in Seconds

* The One Statistically Proven "Conversational Technique" That Can Save Any Marriage On The Edge of Divorce.

* The Important Differences between men and women that once you understand cause you to become even
more attractive to your lover or spouse.

* How use three simple questions to begin creating a deep level attraction with the person you desire And

* How to Use The Top Secret Super-Glue of Attraction To Really Make Things Cook for you and the Apple of Your Eye.

Male or female it makes no difference. Both Genders Really Need To Learn Both Sides of This Process
( Only Really Smart Guys Will Though)

If you would like to finally learn to understand men and or women better than you ever have before...

But You Need To Register Now Because I only Have 60 Seats Reserved For this event. and there are over

10,000 members on the STEALTH Hypnosis Community Rosters.

So Enter Your Name and Email Below To Register Now:

Time: Saturday, March 30th at 3:00pm Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit: htp://
Trance The World and Take Names!


13 replies
  1. bpaid bpost
    bpaid bpost says:

    I bought this program actually to learn how to make a good impression on women. How to build rapport and make connection with beautiful women. Eric Edgemont highly recommended this site. But at the moment I am not really satisfied because there’s nothing on it. Only these page but you had to be registered on the 30 of march and I bought the program a week ago.

    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Have you checked out the Hypnotic Attraction Secrets 3 Magic Questions Video and the Flirt Factor Videos yet? Let me know if you are having trouble accessing them.

      David V.

  2. bpaid bpost
    bpaid bpost says:

    Hi David,
    When I look into the recent posts or catagories I don’t find the Hypnotic Attraction Secrets.
    Where ever I click I don’t see it. Can you help me to get access?
    What I like was the forbidden secrets of conversation hypnosis.


  3. D. Sadvertfile
    D. Sadvertfile says:

    Is a replay recorded somewhere on a hard-drive?
    Please post THAT, for those of us who only discovered your site through Googling a half-year later…

    • David Van Arrick
      David Van Arrick says:

      Hi Mark,

      That Teleseminar is over. Most likely the reason why you got an error. We will most likely be doing it again very soon though. Stay Tuned.


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