Conversational Persuasion & Influence


If you are ready to master the power of conversation, and use that power to automatically get whatever you want out of life, then attending the Conversational Persuasion & Influence class is your next stop.

Join David Snyder as he reveals the single most powerful conversational hypnosis training system in the world today.

You will learn:

  • The 6 Stages Of Persuasion That You Can Use In ANY Context
  • How To Control Your Emotional State, ON DEMAND
  • The Critical Path To Influence In Every Situation
  • How To Instantly And Automatically Sync/Link Your Mind And Body With Another Human Being
  • How To Generate Irresistable Levels Of Rapport Whenever You Want
  • How To Use The 7 Unstoppable Language Patterns
  • How To Tap In To Someones Nervous System To Get Them To Be In The State To Do What You Want
  • How To Master Embedded Commands
  • How To Bind The Thoughts And Ideas Of People So They Choose Exactly What You Want
  • How To CRUSH Interviews For Work
  • How To Talk In Such A Way Where People Automatically Believe What You Say
  • How To Focus A Person's Attention So They Do Exactly What You Want
  • How To Create Massive Absorption And Pleasure Just By Talking To Someone

Only when you are ready to exert massive influence in your life should you decide to attend Conversational Persuasion & Influence.

Take the next step towards taking control of your results by getting started today.



    Discover the CRITICAL PATH to influencing anyone, anytime, anywhere. You will learn how to quickly and effortlessly engage the mind of any person you are talking to, and learn how to give them exactly what they want in a way that serves you.


    You will discover the most powerful language patterns on the planet, and how you can easily apply these patterns in your daily conversation with anyone you wish to influence. Access to these key language patterns will give you incredible control over your language and level of influence.


    You will learn the hidden secret of master persuaders and influencers (like actors, politicians, and successful entrepreneurs). Once you activate your ability to control and direct your emotional state on-demand, you will be able to adapt yourself to any situation that you desire to achieve the kind of outcome you want.


    You will discover how to instantly connect with anyone you meet on such a deep level, that they will feel like they've known you forever. These techniques will create a magnetic and charismatic presence, anywhere you go.


    You will learn how to tie everything together in to one complete system of conversational persuasion, and how to easily and effortless guide yourself through any conversation or situation that requires influence and persuasion.

Yes David, I am ready to attend the next Conversational Persuasion & Influence class, and take my persuasion skills to the next level!

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